Roofing Adwords During Snow and Rain Storms

Adwords for Roofing Companies – Benefit From the Weather

Hey! What’s up guys? Shibga here, I wanted to talk about today’s weather. It’s snowstorm going on right now. You can see that it’s showing all over the area in New York, more like southern New Jersey but these parts are probably hit to. That’s what I believe. It’s represented by the less, darker orange on the Winter Storm Warning. In this day and age you have to be creative in your roofer marketing to ahead.

When you are doing search engine optimization for roofing, There’s an not a lot of stuff you can do that is instant doing storms. However, with roofing Adwords – you can! A lot of people take massive advantage of snowstorms right? They have like door knocking teams that go out. And I believe there’s some apps which actually tell you where it’s hitting the hardest so you can really be going up there with your crew and door knocking all those people right then and there. It’s effective. I’ve spoken to some people who are really into, like how do you say, like trust and they’re in the United States, just makes sense to me, right?

Like if you are coming up to a person and give them a good pitch, right after their stuff just went through their roof, it just makes sense, especially they have insurance for you to at least do a free estimate. It’s a no brainer almost at a lot of times, right? So it makes sense to me. And the people I talk to they said it works but honestly I’m not gonna speak much about it because I do not have experience myself in that realm.

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So what I’m going to talk about is what we can do on the online side of things when these events take place, when we have a snowstorm, right? The number one thing which we were able to get so much success for clients in these times, is to have customized ad campaigns that go on only during these times. Alright, let me explain. In AdWords, right? Obviously, it is a game about bidding and you can create campaigns based on what are the keywords you want to go for, right? Roof repair. We know that roof leak repair campaigns a long time lead up to roof replacement. I’m just giving examples, right?

Then the other type of campaigns you can run is emergency, right? Emergency campaigns based on hail damage, water leaking for the roof. All this stuff, right? And a lot of times online marketers fail to understand that people are more likely, I mean, way more likely or almost a lot of times it seems like they’re only searching for roof repair or leaking roof when it is raining, when it is snowing to roofers that sounds common sense like that. I’m talking about something not cheap here, but if you have your roofing marketing set up correctly this is a traffic source that you should be able to easily afford.

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Timing is Everything

However, for online marketers, they set campaigns that they’re running it all the time. What this causes you to do is burn a lot of money because you’re running it all the time all throughout the year. And you are doing this when people are not looking for a hail damage and stuff like that and you’re getting your AdWords budget to deplete because who is really searching for those terms, those extra terms when it’s not actually happening. Demand for Roofing contractors and population of the city will matter here.

A lot of times, there’s marketers like us, it’s other roofers who just like check you out on their competitors of who’s running what kind of stuff in their free time and don’t click on that stuff, right? That’s why we tend to even get so many clicks but no conversions to speak for it, right? So one of the ways that you can target it for these things is that you build up a campaign and during these times, you test it, right? You build it however you think is good. I’m not gonna go to entire campaign status and the keywords for roofers for right now.

The point is you build it, you streamline, organize it and you let it run. Right? And see which ones are working obviously AB test to see which one is the winning ad sets compared to the winning keyword sets and things like that and which one has the highest quality scores, all that stuff. And then, once you have a winning ad, the entire funnel works, then you set it to pause. Right? This campaign you’re literally only going to run when there is storms and you’re gonna be bidding a little higher than usual.


So if you’re normally putting that you only want 20 bucks, 30 bucks for a click, and in these times you can put $50, $60 dollars because you know there is people literally going to be going haywire around this time because their roof is leaking, because they need an estimate ASAP and all this stuff. So you are literally putting your ads on right when it’s the most important and you’re putting a bid higher. It’s one of the greatest strategies that I ever did. And if you want to go one step further once it starts working, is using the thing called Zapier.

Roofers often Fail to realize, When using an expensive traffic source you must make sure that a good percentage of it is converting. Check out the proper roofing website design To understand what elements work best.


Zapier will allow you to connect other platforms and information with anything else, right? It’s just like a connection platform. So check it out. Zapier. And what you can attach that to is that certain campaigns; for example, the one that is designed for hailstorm,

Make adwords easier by using zapier

the one that’s designed for rainstorms. You can connect it seeing that every time Zapier finds there is on a winter storm warning or some kind of extreme weather going on in your area. It automatically turns those emergency campaigns on.

So you have it on auto pilot something that is so well and engineered for you to only be sending your money where people are actually going to the experience and the emergency and you’re much more likely to not only make your money’s worth but actually get people who are going to convert.

Alright. So I’ll leave it at that. Hope that makes sense. If you have any questions, go down below. Give a like if that makes sense, if it is something you haven’t heard before. Give us some insight on online side. Please subscribe. Put a like down there. And more good stuff coming here on its way.

You can also check out our Youtube Video on Roofing Adwords During Snow and Rain Storms as a visual guide on this topic:

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