Roofing Sales Training: Building Your Sales Career

What Is Roofing Sales Training (and Why Should You Do It)?

As an owner or a manager of a successful roofing company, you need to make informed decisions all the time. One of these decisions entails hiring salespersons. So, you need to hire a salesperson who uses roofing sales mastery to sell your services and products. You can use various roofing sales training tips to help your employees sell the appropriate way such that you can make high sales. You will also get a useful guide on sales training manual that you can share with your employees.

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You should also train your salespeople to sell benefits. The roofing sales mastery will help your sales crew know that successful selling is not only about telling clients why the crew is perfect. Instead, they will make more sales by concentrating on what the firm can do for homeowners.

Sales training helps your sales team to know how to use proper visual sales aids. The utilization of visuals in the presentation will get rid of confusion, educate homeowners, and assist build trust between them.

Do Roofing Salesmen Make Good Money?

Yes, roofing salesmen make good money as they take home 10% of the roofing contract. Here are some of the things that contribute to the total cost of replacing a roof.

Material Cost and Labor

The cost of replacing a roof will differ within states. Others will be more expensive than others. Besides, labor is paid at a higher rate in some states. This means that the amount of money a roofing salesman can make will depend on where he is based. There is also the cost of living aspects that must have been pondered when comparing one town to another. Material and labor costs are some of the variables that define the cost of a roof replacement. You might want to travel to a different town to make more cash. That is understandable. This is only a variable to consider when you hear about other roofing sales people making less or more on average. For instance, an ordinary 18,000 sq ft house in Dallas might have a replacement expense value of $5000. That similar home in Minneapolis might require a replacement cost of $7500. If you count on signing a contract of 10%, you will make up to $300 more on the Minneapolis house based on the example.

What Are Sales Training Methods?

A roofing company must create a program for sales training. There is a broad range of sales training techniques. A firm has to pick one of a combination of these techniques. The techniques chosen must be consistent with the training needs and the contents of the sales training manual. Some of these methods include:

1. Sales Conference

In this technique, trainees discuss various ideas of common interest. It’s a formal meeting conducted according to the organized training program. The method focuses on small group discussions on the particular subject matter like directed conferences, leaderless debate, and problem-solving meetings. This technique is used for training individuals who hold the managerial post and have basic knowledge of the subject of the training.

2. Case Study Technique

In this technique, trainers are provided with cases to scrutinize. They are tasked to notice any sales issue and recommend a tentative solution for the issues. Then, the trainer will later point out the drawbacks and offer guidance for the improvement. The case study technique is mostly fit for supervisors to hone their decision-making skills.

3. Role-Playing Method

In this technique, trainees act on assigned roles as they would perform in a stage play. Some trainees are given roles to play before others. This kind of play doesn’t involve memorization of lines and rehearsals. The role takers are informed of the condition and the roles they will play. It’s a technique of human interaction.

What Sales Training Includes?

The quality of sales training you offer your sales team will mold their future at your firm. Here are some of the components of a good sales training program.

· Essential Sales Skills

Even for seasoned sales agents, roofing leads telemarketing training offers them a chance to refresh their basic sales expertise. Various skills go over your sales representatives. They include making cold calls, crafting cold emails, and finding prospects. Other skills your sales rep should have included offering a sales demo, crafting a proposal, onboarding customers after a deal, and closing a deal.

To teach them these skills effectively, use role-playing methods and demonstrations. You can also incorporate video examples. By using several learning styles, the sales rep will internalize the things they learn.

· The Client Experience

Genuine compassion for clients is one of the essential traits any sales rep must nurture. So, your training plan must consist of modules for assisting new salespersons in knowing the facers of client experience.

The Market and Products

Your roofing sales training plan must have detailed information about the market and your products. Accentuate your unique selling proposition in the entire training program. This will help the sales rep to intelligently answer questions such as “what makes your company stand out?”

· The Sales Process

Training your new sales reps about your unique sales procedure is vital. If the new salesmen have past sales experience, they might use the process that differs from your own. Ensure every person leaves the training with a complete understanding of your process. To teach your techniques effectively, you can review the real case studies in detail. Furthermore, role-playing can be a useful tool.

· Team Building

As the new sales team learns the basics, try to incorporate activities that will make them bond as a team. Group activities need to be included during training.

· CRM Training

Understanding how to use CRM systems effectively is an essential skill for contemporary sales reps. Offer CRM training that is unique to your firm’s procedures and emphasize any personalization you have made to the system. While training materials offered by CRM vendors can be useful at the beginning, the trainees will benefit from specialized training.

· Assessment

The sales training program should include frequent assessment, such as outside evaluation and self-assessment. Assessment is important for personalized training to evaluate the trainees’ weaknesses and strengths. It also measures the effectiveness of your training modules. Give your trainees the same assessment at the start, middle, and at the end of training duration. This will help you measure the growth of trainees during the roof sales training program.

How Can I Improve My Sales Training?

Roof sales training is essential to the success of your sales crew. With appropriate training, your salespeople can hone the skills need to be successful and learn how to use them at work. Here is how you can improve your sales training.

· Keep the training short
· Make the training exciting
· Provide several learning options
· Don’t forget about the millennial
· Be specific and precise with the content
· Share your expectations
· Give out scripts
· Make a buddy system
· Track and measure the progress
· Reward achievements
· Schedule ongoing training sessions
· Request feedback from your sales team

Samples of Roofing Sales Training Manual

Creating a sales training manual is not an easy task. However, don’t panic since there are numerous samples you can use to get an idea. They include:

Sales Training from American Roofing Academy

This manual includes ways to empower your sales crew by teaching them various ways to get more sales. It’s a well-detailed manual that offers everything you need to know.

Sales Training Manual for Roofing Life

This is a 23-page sales training manual and roof inspection guide meant for incoming salespeople. The manual was created after conducting interviews with different customers and their sales trainers.


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