Roofing Sales Salary – How Much Money Can A Roofing Salesman Make?

Do roofing salespeople make good money?

To give you a simple answer, a roofing sales job offers a 10 percent income of the roofing indenture. However, a sophisticated answer is, ‘It depends on various aspects.’ Thus, how much does roofing projects cost? There is no simple answer to this inquiry since it depends on certain variables that differ in locality, neighborhood, or house. It can also depend on whether you create your enterprise or have running leads. Keep reading for more insight into a roofing salesman pay.

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Currently, the average yearly compensation for an American Roofing Sales Representative is USD73,994. While ZipRecruiter is reporting high yearly salaries of USD113, 500 and low salaries of $20,000, most of roofing sales rep’s salaries are currently at USD52,000 (25th percentile) up to USD92,000 (75th percentile). The average roofing salesman pay varies slightly (about $40,000), which shows that irrespective of the locality, there are few open doors for increased advancement or pay, even with rich experience. To gauge the most exact yearly pay for a roofing sales work, ZipRecruiter examines its database containing a glut of positions published locally in America.

Each roofing firm organization has sales contests while offering bonuses. These grants can improve roofing salesman income. In case you’re working for a company that lacks a reward structure, call your manager and request one. They’ll be happy to come up with something, an objective for you to attain and reap some additional reward cash.

In case you’re not getting any incentives, you can opt for another roofing organization that requires your services and offers bonuses. Roofing sales is daunting and can be a difficult task, especially when you have pressing personal bills such as rent and gas. Sales contests and bonuses can motivate you to get more cash and have fun while at it.

How much do commercial roofing salespersons make?

Numerous elements affect the salary amount of commercial roofing salespersons. These aspects include;

Commission structures

Sales positions in commercial roofing incorporate basic pay and commission structures. Contingent upon the sales rep’s qualifications, the basic salary can begin from $35,000 to $40,000. There are other avenues for extra income potential apart from the basic pay. Most commercial and industrial roofing organizations work on a commission structure that’s dependent on roofing salesman job benefits.


Your boss’s location significantly affects your salary amount. For example, an organization in an enormous metropolitan region has more prospective clients from which to gather payments and can pay a more generous wage than one in a remote zone. Although roofing salespeople in a rural area may get less cash, the cost for essential items in those areas is less; thus, the lower pay might be adequate.

For instance, a 1,800 square foot premise that occupies 24 squares containing waste in Dallas may attract a replacement cost of between $4,500 and $5,000. That same house in Minneapolis could cost $7,000 to $7,500 for a roof replacement. In case you intend to reap 10 percent of the agreement, you will make $250-$300 more on the Minnesota house regarding this example.

Other aspects include;

• Amount of sales training and skills
• Sales background in commercial roofing
• Proof of sales success
• Salesperson’s ability to offer solutions
• The development and level of the sales rep’s network contacts
• Where the salesman/woman will be working from
• If the salesman will be given leads

How would I become an effective roofing sales rep?

A successful sales presentation is more than giving information about items or price tag. From your approach to the premise, everything involving your conduct and appearance, such as your attire and music from your truck, will impact making a sale. Dress accordingly, show regard for the property owner and his/her house, and show up with all your work material, from pamphlets to video introductions.

A GAF study found that 96 percent of new high-volume roof salesmen present two or more shingle choices to premise owners, and 80% offer at least three alternatives. Furthermore, over half of these roofing salespersons said they made more sales after showing property owners more shingle alternatives.

Most roofing sales representatives pitch on autopilot; however, the best salesmen listens attentively to property owners and make changes accordingly. The successful sale of roofs starts with a discussion to recognize the client’s issues. Then conclude by identifying a way the firm can help with the problem.

Is the house owner worried about tackling issues with the insurance firm? Tell them your business understands how to handle insurance claims and will tackle the paperwork aspect on their behalf.

Are they stressed about having their valued flower shrubs squashed by the roofing process? If you incorporate the Equipter RB4000, clarify how this gear changes how roofing specialists work to decrease property damage.
In case you’re selling rooftops from door-to-door because your organization is conducting replacements in the area, it may be beneficial to delve a little into a property owner’s “No, thanks.” Ask them if they’ll be searching for roof replacements in the following year, which could be possible if their house is as old as the home your team is handling.

If their response is “no,” proceed and spend your time on other feasible patrons. But, if they accept your offer, request for permission to call them the following year to inspect their roof for free.

Roofing can be a costly home investment. Thus, reduce the cost, offer funding, and pre-qualification. Financing is a compelling alternative for premise-proprietors who require roof replacement, but their finances can’t allow. Most house owners don’t know that they can finance their rooftop replacement. Ensure you work proficiently to accommodate your clients’ spending plans

Where do roofers make the most money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a commercial roofing sales salary is high in five states shown below. To compare these figures, a roofing sales work pays a $21.09 hourly rate in the U.S., and the annual roofing sales salary is $43, 870.

• In New York, the average wage per hour is $31.5, and the annual average salary is $65,520, which is 49.4 percent more than the U.S. average.

• Illinois offers a roof salesman hourly wage of $29.75 and an average yearly salary of $61,870, which is 41.1% more than the U.S. average.

• In New Jersey, a roofing sales representative earns an hourly wage of $28.30 and a yearly average salary of $58,870. This figure is 34.2 percent higher than the U.S. average.

• Hawaii boasts of a $27.97 hourly wage and a $58,170 average yearly salary, 32.6 percent higher than the U.S. average.

• Massachusetts provides a $27.85 hourly wage for her roof salesmen, a figure that’s 32 percent more than America’s average. It also offers a $57,920 yearly salary.

Sample roofing sales job description

You can tweak the following roofing sales job description into a Sample roofing sales manager job description.


Roofing Salesman


Energetic and hardworking while focusing on client satisfaction. Impressive communication aptitudes and a sales leader.



Choice Roofing-Amarillo,TX
Roofing salesman
Shared product details with clients while providing recommendations
Signed contracts for roofing jobs


Westgate Chevrolet
Internet sales manager
Installed internet in commercial and residential areas


Coordinated and supervised more than 300 personnel


1987 Canyon High School Amarillo-TX
High School Diploma

West Texas A&M
Business Diploma

Amarillo College
Business Diploma


Jeep Jamboree trek guide.
Coordinator at Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree
Swim instructor at Clubhouse- Amarillo Texas



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