Top Roofing Resources To Make Your Roofing Website Rock

Online roofing resources to bookmark Right NOW

Creating a roofing website for your business is just the beginning. Getting people to check out the website is a whole other deal. But there is hope yet. With the right resources to guide you, you may get the traffic you need.

A great website communicates to your target audience and has the power to convert them into the clients your business needs to grow. We discuss several roofing resources you may need and how to make the most of each. Read on to find out more.

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Roofing blogs such as the EagleView Blog can help provide you with the tips you need to make your job easier. You may also get insights and other innovation news in the industry.

Social media examiner is also an excellent way for you to get practical information. It includes content on how best to use social media platforms for your content marketing.

Pinterest is also a useful, roofing resource tool. You can learn a lot more than you think possible when you open an account there.

Roof magazine such as Roofing and Professional Roofing Magazine offers excellent insight on roofing that both contractors and consumers alike will love. It also provides roofer news that any member of the roofing community will find valuable.

Top roofing blogs to follow

Roofing isn’t the easiest of professions. And it’s easy to find yourself lost in its diversity. Fortunately, several roofing blogs ensure that both contractors and the clients know all things roofing. They provide essential tips and tricks that can prove useful.

Here is a list of the best blogs to follow;

• GAF Blog

This blog has well-researched articles that professionals can turn to for advice on different roofing issues. What makes it so interesting is the collaborative atmosphere the blog creates. That is by allowing roofing companies to post their articles.

The blog has categories such as training and industry news that keep contractors updated on trending roofing topics.

• A-Best Roofing

If you are time conscious with what you read, then this blog is for you. The articles are short, usually not more than 500 words each. However, the blog covers topics that are both informative and interesting.

The headlines used are quite catchy, and it’s hard to miss them with their attractive layout. Some topics include cool pigments and custom metal fabrication.

• Alpine Roofing Contractors Blog

A visual learner interested in roofing will undoubtedly love this blog. As an infographic blog, it takes creativity to another level. It breaks down otherwise considered boring roofing issues into easy to understand, fun, and colorfully illustrated graphics.

The blog covers topics such as reasons for leaky roofs and loft insulation. And also answers questions that roofers may have on different roofing problems. Both the clients and the professionals would love this blog.

• Roofing Contractor

As the International Roofing Expo’s official publication, this blog is an excellent resource for all topics roofing. The editors of the expo also write articles for this blog and cover essential topics. Although the pieces are not as frequent as some may prefer, it offers useful insight on different issues.

You will also bump into various columns from roofing experts. In addition to that, the site has several articles covering at least 12 different topics. The topics may include tips for safety in the line of work as well as product features.

• Roof Scoop

This blog is from the National Roofing Contractors’ Association. It highlights the latest trends in the roofing industry, including any changes in roofing policies and regulations. You may also get roofer’s news. It is an excellent blog for anyone looking for a way to keep up with the roofing trends.

What’s in a professional roofing magazine?

There are several issues that roofing magazine covers. From the latest trends to roofer news, it is a way to keep the roofing community informed. But more importantly, a roofing magazine addresses the industry’s issues.

It also answers roofing FAQs that both contractors and consumers may delight in getting answers. The magazine addresses any of the emerging issues in the industry. It educates contractors and consumers on the problems while answering questions.

The magazine may also feature the latest roofing products from different brands with a description of its functions, how to get them, and what makes it different from the others already in the market.

Each roofing magazine issue can include brief explanations of some of the industry’s terminologies that consumers may otherwise have no clue to its meaning.

Roofing CONTENT marketing strategies

Content marketing is one great way roofers can engage their audience and instantly convert them into loyal clients. Roofers have numerous options when it comes to contemporary content marketing strategies. Here are some ways;

• Website

Successful businesses are those that saw the potential of business websites and maximized their uses. Creating a roofing website will go a long way to ensuring that your roofing company reaches potential clients.

Each page of a website advertises as an entity. And as such, it targets a more particular client with a personal touch. With a good content marketing plan, you can map your content to reach your target audience’s subcategories.

• Social media platforms

There is no better way to reach the majority of your audience than through social media. Many people spent the majority of their time on these platforms. You can create videos that answer some of your clients’ questions on roofing and post them on your Instagram and YouTube channels. You can also create images that portray the message you want to pass along.

On platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can write articles or texts, add images, and post them alongside videos to get the most response. Or you can post them individually. Either way, let your posts communicate to your target audience on a professional and personal level.

• Blogs

Catchy blog post titles can attract anyone browsing online with no intention of landing on your page. If the intro is good enough, they may even decide to stick around longer ad let you inform them.

A good blog post can get you the traffic you need for both your services and content. That is because a client can easily share a post they like. Besides, it is not difficult to become an instant online sensation with the right post.

Sample roofing content ideas

If you are looking to get customer traffic for your roofing company, you need to create content that attracts people. Here is an example of roofing content ideas;

It would be best if you learned how to use SEO content and take advantage of it. People Google about almost anything they want. While searching for services, there are specific keywords that will not miss in the search. You can research these words and create your content based on the results.

A good example is ‘roofing service LA.’ Here is a brief example of what the content will look like;

A roof over your head is an essential part of owning a home. A leaky roof? Do not worry. We offer all roofing services, LA. If you require a roof repair, installation, or replacement, we are the guys to call. Contact us today and get a free quote.


With the right resources, you can make your website more attractive. With the different tips and resources this article highlights, you can be sure to get the traffic flow you require.



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