What To Expect From A Roofing Project Manager Job Description

The Job Duties of Roofing Project Managers

A well-designed roofing system protects homeowners from natural elements such as sun, rain, and storms. Therefore, roofing managers play a vital role in ensuring that any building’s structural integrity is maintained, thus, making the structure safe, stable, and long-lasting.

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However, to achieve this, roofing managers need to have the much-needed skills on supervision principles and practices, project costing and design, review, and project plans preparation. That’s why any aspiring roofing manager is supposed to have a degree in architectural engineering or any other related field backed up by extensive experience in the roofing industry.

What does a roofing project manager do?

Roofing project managers are tasked with monitoring and controlling every stage of roofing repairs or installation. They are also charged with ensuring that there is timely completion of the project and ensure that the project is within the budget. It is also their mandate to ensure that the roofing experts are safe. They following are roofing project manager job description:


The roofing manager is expected to hold consultative seminars with facility managers, contractors, and architects before designing a roofing plan. At this meeting, safety issues, budget, customers’ expectations, and the local and state regulations are discussed.

For example, in cases where the structure doesn’t have an air conditioner, the roofing manager is expected to recommend using roofs that can reflect both sunlight and heat away to enhance indoor thermal comfort. It is also within the roofing project manager job description to come up with the roofing cost estimate and reports on material specifications.

Safety Management

In 2011, the US recorded 4609 workers killed in the line of duty, with 12 percent of this number involving contractors. Therefore, the lack of a proper safety plan, low-slope, and sharp-edged and steep roofs pose a threat to workers’ safety.

It is consequently within the roofing manager job description to ensure that his workers are equipped with protective gear such as head helmets and hand gloves to shield them from cuts or head injuries. As a manager, you must also budget for safety provisions such as first aid kits and training sessions.

Quality Control

The roofing production manager job description also requires him to inspect all roofing materials such as timbers, iron sheets, and tiles to ensure that they conform to all quality checks. In this case, he is supposed to check for defects, tear, and color non-conformance.

The roofing production manager is then required to instruct and supervise his workers to ensure that they observe all aspects of quality, color, texture, layout, and size of roofing materials. It is also within his mandate to scrutinize work in progress and analyze assessments conducted by agency inspectors to warranty conformance to the set guidelines.

Workforce Management

Management and coordination of the construction workforce play a vital role in ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are met. Therefore, as a roofing project manager, you must advise the human resource department on the skills you need to accomplish the project.

It is also in the roofing production manager job description to outline the projects’ day-to-day target and scope. The roofing production manager is also supposed to use the supervisor’s report to solve any work-related problem that the team is facing. You are also supposed to ensure that there are enough supplies to allow consistency in work.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a project manager?

  • Participating and using roofing project management software in budget estimate preparation for the project at hand and reviewing the contract specification, drawings, and design and take-off details.
  • Provide the initial client contact with details about the work scope and the resources required to finish the project.
  • They ensure that proper supervision and leadership skills are provided to all craft employers as well as subcontractors.
  • Ensuring that all roofing projects adhere to the site, corporate, building regulations, local authority requirements, and state and federal laws govern the same, thus, guaranteeing timely completion of projects.
  • Take over the responsibility of the financial performance of the project at hand.
    Providing safety and hands-on leadership skills to the work team to optimize productivity, proper use of equipment and materials, and the roofing project’s overall performance.
  • They build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the existing as well as the prospective partners.
  • They supervise the entire project to ensure that it is within the design budget and schedule. In this case, the roofing manager must liaise with the AE and client representatives and other contractors.
  • Come up with departmental standards that are in line with the organization’s best practices and operational success.
  • They provide technical support when it comes to drawings interpretations, indorsing construction methods, and the equipment needed. This requires the roofing manager to identify, initiate, and uphold extra work appraising and issuing change orders.

What qualifications do you need for a roofing project manager?

For you to become a qualified roofing project manager, you need to have the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering or Construction Science or its equivalent from a recognized institution also a Master’s degree is an added advantage.
  • Experience as a commercial roofing project manager
  • Must have the ability to use project management technologies such as roofing management software.
  • Must possess the ability to negotiate without being combative
  • He/ She should be a servant leader who has a passion for building people and things
  • He/she should have great interpersonal skills and the ability to work as a team
  • Must have a good understanding of commercial roofing systems
  • Must be confident and driven by the desire to excel
  • Must have the ability to estimate roofing projects of different sizes and scope
  • Must be able to handle unexpected challenges calmly and professionally
  • He or she should have a valid driving license

A roofing project manager salary

In the USA, the average roofing project manager salary is 85,000 dollars annually or 43.59 dollars per hour. For experienced commercial roofing experts, they receive up to 112 500 dollars per year. Starters, on the other hand, receive up to $44,500. For sure, we can therefore say that this salary befits a commercial roofing project manager job description.

Samples of a roofing project manager resume


Name: Danson Richard
Roofing Project Manager

Professional Summary

Motivated roofing project manager with more than five years’ experience. Demonstrated a positive track record of excellence in all the projects that I have handled. Offers an in-depth understanding of roofing project lifecycle and project growth methodologies.


You are supposed to list some of the skills that you possess. Below are some of the skills that you should list:

  • Customer-focused
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • OSHA certified
  • Multi-site operations
  • Inventory Control
  • Conversant with construction safety


Mention all the educational institutions that you attended, starting from the highest education level to the lowest. In each case, mention your academic achievements.

Work History and Experience
Mention all the current and the previous workplaces, the position held, and the duties and responsibilities.


Mention all certifications and accreditations from bodies such as OSHA.


Mention other additional skills that you possess. These should include computer skills, driving, or any other skills that can help you to discharge your duty as a roofing project manager.


You are required to mention your areas of interests, hobbies to mention but just a few.


This includes anyone who can indeed confirm that the information given that you have provided above is accurate.


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