Roofing Landing Page: How to Get the Most Leads

What Is A Roofing Landing Page?

A landing page is a page where people first get directed from other sources such as social media posts, pages on the website, or PPC ads. The purpose of a landing page is to increase conversions and help you achieve your targeted marketing goals.A landing page can be in various forms. For instance, it can be a standalone page, a home page, or any other page within your category. Your visitors access your landing page via the search engine using keywords and Google top rank search results.

The landing page content should be distinct and compelling. It should give people reasons to take action after reading the content on the page.

image of roofing landing page- how to get the most leads

What Should Be On Your Landing Page?

A Catchy Headline

An eye-catchy headline is where you start generating your roofing marketing leads. It creates interest in your target audience, draws their attention to your content, and gives them a better understanding of your services. The headline determines how long visitors stay on your site and how much interest they develop in your services. An appealing headline should accomplish the following:

• Grab the reader’s attention instantly.

• Inform the visitor about the roofing services you offer.

• It should be short and simple, ranging between 10 and 20 words.

You can also create a short and sweet headline that complements an image on your website. The image should explain what services you offer. This is a quicker way for your target audience to know what you do without the need for further details. It also stimulates the customer’s interest and motivates them to learn more.

Compelling Subheads

After creating an appealing headline that draws your visitors’ attention, you need to follow it up with a persuasive sub-headline that makes them stay.

When creating a persuasive sub-headline, ensure you position it directly underneath the headline. Create it with a persuading tone with additional content that conveys more information. Also, the sub-headline should be concise and eye-catchy.

When you create a compelling sub-headline, your audience will get an in-depth understanding of the content, and they’re likely going to click on the “get started button.”


Customers like visual content. That’s what gets them motivated and interested in continuing to search for more information. Meaning, your landing page should have high-quality visual content.

When selecting the images, make them large and relevant to your specific roofing services. In short, create a good impression from your images so that your visitors get compelled to learn more even before reading a copy on your page. Don’t forget to make the images fun and attention-grabbing. This makes the visitor get connected to your services.

An Explanation

At the first landing page login, it needs to have clear information about who you are and what services you offer. The reason visitors log in to your website is that they want to know more about your services. So, if your content doesn’t explain in detail, you’ll lose the visitors to your competitor.

Solutions to Your Customers

No customer wants to engage a service provider that cannot solve their pain points. The main reason they come on your landing page is to find a solution to their needs.

Since the landing page is the first point of contact for your business, it needs to show the visitor how you will solve their needs. Therefore, let your landing page show your visitors how your roofing services will meet their emotional needs.

Methods of Contact

Your clickfunnels landing pages should have your contact details such as your location, phone number, a contact form, and an email. You can also have a chat function that allows your visitors to chat with your customer care representative. This will boost the relationship between your customer and the company.

A Guarantee

Customers get motivated and gain more interest in your services when they know that your services come with a guarantee. That’s why it should be on your landing page. A guarantee improves chances to generate conversions. The bottom line is that the guarantee should resonate with your services.

A Call to Action

A call to action is an essential element on your landing page. It drives your website visitor’s attention and ultimately gets them converted into customers. Ensure you make a big and compelling call to action by using persuasive words. Also, use a contrasting color on your landing page to grab the visitors’ attention and help you generate roofing marketing leads and sales.

What Makes A High Converting Landing Page?

Choose a Quality Landing Page Builder

Choosing a landing page builder for your business depends on various factors, such as your business goals and skills. If your business is new, get a roofing landing page builder with a preloaded clickfunnels roofing template. This makes it easier for you to design a useful landing page.

After publishing your landing page, don’t sit back and fold your arms. Rather, make close follow-ups of page-views, clicks, and scroll depth.

Go Beyond Your Value Preposition

The value proposition on your landing page tells your visitors what is in for them. Let your landing page should give clear information about what value your visitors will get from your services. The best way to do this is

• By giving a list of benefits that your roofing business offers.

• You can use bulleted points to make it easier for the reader.

• Let your benefits focus on solving your customer’s pain points.

• Think about the potential client and their benefits.

Your main focus is to show how your services will benefit your customers. So, talk more about the customer than yourself. Visitors want to be sure that you have their best interests at heart. Let your landing page be compelling enough to give your customers more assurance about your services.

Keep Things Simple

Let your landing page have simple content with the essential information that speaks directly to your visitors. Packing it with information can create confusing moments for your visitors. If you make it simple, your visitors will find it easy to navigate.

Show Social Proof

Online visitors are mostly strangers who might have never interacted with your business. They want to be sure that you can offer trusted services, and they also want to confirm that you have a big fan base. Therefore, let your landing page have recommendations, testimonials, real data, shares, tweets, and likes.

How Do I Get More Roofing Leads From My Roofing Landing Page?

Consistent Messaging

An effective way to generate more leads from your landing page is by consistent messaging. The ad messaging should relate to the landing page messaging. It’s worth noting that landing pages exist because of consistency in messaging. If done well, it can draw more traffic to your website with a specific need.

Focus on Your Visitors

The main purpose of your landing page should be to provide a solution to your visitors. That’s their reason for landing page login. They want to be sure that you can solve their problem. Therefore, let the content be more about your customers and less about you.

Create a Captivating Call-to-Action

Generating leads begins with your visitors’ ability to take action after understanding your services, as indicated on your landing page. That’s why it’s crucial to create a compelling call-to-action.
It would be best if you told them what you want them to do next, and the best way is by providing a lead form, sign up option, and a subscription to your email list.

Create a Sales Pitch Video

Video marketing is one of the highly used marketing strategies by roofing companies today. It’s the easiest way to inform your audience about what you offer and how you’ll solve their problems.

Videos create visualization and an emotional connection between your brand and audience. This makes your visitors want to try your services. Therefore, ensure you include high-quality videos on your landing page that will grab the attention of your visitors immediately.


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