Roofing Demand in Your City – Exactly How Many Homeowners Look For You?

How To Find Out The Roofing Demand in Your City

Hey! What’s up guys! Back at it on the second video on this channel. I mean on this series, Roofing Contractor Marketing Breakdown by Shibga Media. This video is going to be about finding out the roofing demand for your city. So this is something that’s really important and a lot of agencies are not straightforward with this. And the fact of the matter is, some places you just cannot do Roofing SEO for.

It’s gonna sound weird but if you own a small, small city with just a couple of contractors for you to spend one thousand or fifteen hundred dollars on SEO agency to get you up there, it doesn’t make sense. Why? Because there’s not enough search following per month to justify the return on investment you’re gonna be getting by getting up there. This is why roofing key words is so important to first map out when you’re on the journey to get roofing contractor leads.

So what I wanna be showing you today is to find out and make sure that there’s at least about 5 to 6 hundred people in total searching for your service in every single month consistently before you start even thinking about investing into your modern marketing tools such as search engine optimization.

How To Find the Roofing Demand

Finding the amount of online demand is one of the first things you should do before marketing your roofing company. Having that said, let’s get into it finding the roofing demand. What I mean is this, and it all starts with a Google Keyword Planner, right? If you don’t use this, I encourage you to fiddle around with it. Let me go through it with you.

You go to Sign in with your Gmail. It’s a free tool. Tools, Keyword Planner. I’m gonna go with the example for Baltimore. Baltimore has one of the most search volume for roofing in my experience that I came across. It’s definitely in the top 10. So I’m gonna show you what I mean.

The thing is, If there’s sufficient traffic, They can find you on the first page, and you have  good roofing website design to convert that traffic into calls. You are in business.

Roofing Baltimore. This tool is gonna tell you how many people are out there around Baltimore looking for roofers and more importantly, what is it that they’re typing into the Google Search bar when they are looking for roofers. So I type this in and as you can see, the word Baltimore roofing right here, average monthly searches that ranges from hundred to a thousand; meaning in the last 12 months, there was never a time that at least a hundred people did not search for the word Baltimore roofing in the Keyword Planner.

And, it was always under a thousand, which is a good range. Last 12 months of data and the average is actually at 880. So in that range, it’s almost towards the top of that range and I would be surprised in 2018 if this range go to thousand to ten thousand, which is something very rare in the roofing niche for a city to have thousand, ten thousand range for one keyword, just one single keyword.

So when we look at who’s getting this business, right? You copy this. Plug it in. This is where the data comes from to start off, right? And what we’ll be able to do from here is find out, okay, these guys at the top, Phil DiBello, they’re in organically and on the maps at the top. So they’re definitely getting a good share of this and if you look at their reviews, knowing what we know about reviews and how many people are gonna go with the person the most, it looks like there might be taking lines share of that. Line is part of that share. I’ve got the saying. It’s American. I’m not from here.

Okay guys. So what I did is, what you want to do next to find out the rest of the keywords because I said you want at least five to six hundred people at a minimum searching for your services around the area. Now, Baltimore passes that minimum just with one keyword. This keyword alone is 880. But most places are not like that even in competitive areas like New York and New Jersey. A lot of the cities have just 100, 150 search value. We have to add all the types of variations, main keyword variations, like city plus roofing, roofing plus city variation keywords to make sure it passes over five hundred.

 Shibga Media Guide to Finding out Roofing Demand in Your City

So how we do that is take the top people and put them into SEMrush. So I put on, okay, I didn’t put it yet. Let me put them. Phil DiBello into SEMrush and basically, this tool is going to allow us to find out what are the other keywords they’re ranking for. Now, I went ahead and got their… what do you call, let me put it to US. Oh it is in US. One second, give me a second. I can’t think and do it at the same time.

Alright. So this is all the keywords that they’re currently getting traffic for. What we want to do is all the keywords that apply to us, which is main keywords, roofing contractors Baltimore MD, roofing contractors Baltimore, Baltimore roofer, Baltimore roofing contractors. All these variations we want to add them up. Now, I did that already as I was just saying. Roofing Baltimore keywords. And as you can see that if we did a sum, it’s almost three thousand people. So it’s way, way beyond their minimal. Right? Which is just five, six hundred.

If you were to do a campaign and you were to come up in the maps, just in the map, it can be before contractor marketing kicks in, just in the maps and you were gonna come out a majority of these keywords, you’re looking at 3,000 people every single month going pass and seeing the top positions in maps on their cellphone, it’s going to make a massive return on investment, which we’ll talk about in the video exactly how much are we looking at, what kind of percentage, some exact figures with studies that have been done in the industry. But you get the idea. This is what you want to do.

You don’t want to go for the journey of doing so much time and effort in search engine optimization if it it’s not going to be worth it in the end, right? Lastly, to put a call to action. If you are in a city that does not have a lot of search volume, reach out to me. I’ll tell you what is the strategy to go for that will allow you to still make a marketing strategy which is completely different than what we’re gonna be talking about here. But that’s the only way to make that work. And I’ll do that. I’ll do the custom based on where you are from, right? This is gonna be generally okay for most people.

Finding out Roofing Demand in Your City - Shibga MediaAnd the other part of it is if you do not have this tool, SEMrush, you went to Google Keyword Planner, you found out some keywords that people are typing in around you, but you want to find out a list of all the main keywords, and you don’t have these tools, SEMrush, then reach out to me. Just send me a message I’ll put it below and just tell me your city and I will get back to you with exactly how many, what are the main keywords, right?

That’s not a problem. We actually do that one time for free unless you’re coming back again and again with lots of company reverse engineering their keywords, then it won’t count. But if you’re just looking for your own city that you reside in, one-time just to know how many people are searching for your services, reach out to us and we’ll get you a list. Not a problem. That see you on the next post!

Here’s our Youtube Video for Finding Roofing Demand in Your City


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