Roof Sales – How To Sell Roofs Like a Pro

How to Succeed in Roof Sales

The strategies employed in successful roof sales apply to sell any other item. The important thing is to use the selling tips in selling roofs. If you want to make a sale, your roofing sales pitch has to be impressive to land the job. This is because; most homeowners contact several contractors before settling on the one with the best roof sales. Therefore, you should use all the roofing sales techniques you have mastered over the years or end up losing the contract. Let us look at ways on how to sell roofs that will get you ahead of your competition.

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1. Portray professionalism from the start

An effective roofing sales pitch is more than stating apparent facts about the product and the price. The client’s first impression of you should be of a professional. Your professionalism should be portrayed by your appearance, behavior, your clothes, and the types of music playing in your car stereo. Dress decently and show respect to the homeowner and their property. Do not forget to bring your sales materials, such as brochures or video presentations. When you are adequately prepared, the client will have the perception that you know what you are talking about, and will consider giving you the job.

2. Aim to educate, not to sell

The main objective of your sales pitch is to obtain a signed contract from the client. However, going directly to selling will not achieve much as you’ll sound just like any other sales agent. Alternatively, focus on educating the client about roofing and let them decide without pushing them. Educate them on the functioning of the roofing process, the expectations, and the different roofing materials available and their advantages. It is essential to know everything you can about the product you are selling. When you portray to be knowledgeable about roofing, you will have authority when pitching to a homeowner, and in turn, they will have more confidence in you. Let the homeowner ask questions and answer them like a pro, do not hesitate, stammer or let them know you don’t have an answer. If the homeowner thinks that you don’t have sufficient information about something, the chances are that they will bypass you and look for another roof salesman.

3. Respond instantly

When a homeowner wants a new roof, they look for referrals or visit the internet. This means that they will have more than one potential company to consider for the job. After getting their contacts, they will call or email each one of them. The first one to respond will have a higher chance of getting a job if their presentation is good. So, when you receive an inquiry, try and respond as fast as you can because someone else will most likely beat you to it. Responding quickly to a potential client shows that you value them and the business they want to bring to you.

4. Inspect the attic and roof

You cannot provide a solution to a roofing problem without knowing about the problem with the current roof. Inspect the attic and the roof to have an idea of the problem and take photos for documentation.

5. Provide pricing options

Homeowners want options when it comes to pricing. It is not easy to know if the homeowner can afford your first offer price. It is always good to provide them with pricing options such as basic, standard, and premium. Your main aim is to sell the premium product; however, they should not have the notion that the low-end product is substandard. Explain that the basic package can still serve them for many years and also make their home look good. Insist that every package has the full support of the company and that you’ll apply high standards during the installation process. The homeowner should not feel ashamed of choosing the low-end product.

6. Suggest financing options

Although a homeowner may genuinely need a new roof, they might not have the money to pay for it. A roofing company that provides financing options to their clients has a better chance of making the roofing sale than one without financing options. Your company can collaborate with banks or other independent lenders to advance credit to homeowners to catering for roofing costs. Arrange for them to pay back the money in affordable and manageable installments. For example, a roof that costs $8,000 will require the client to pay back a monthly fee of $100-$150. This is affordable to most people, and they will accept it wholeheartedly to acquire a new roof.

7. Make good use of videos and roofing apps

Sometimes there is not enough time to create sales documents or the people to do that. Fortunately, the internet has plenty of tools that can help you educate prospective clients and offer guidance on making the right decision. Some apps help a property owner pick the right roofing product for their home. You can also provide the potential client with a video of their roof and how it will look like after installation.

8. Expect buyer rejection and hesitation

In any sales job, it is customary to face rejection or hesitancy. The cost of the new roof could be higher than what the homeowner expected. In this case, the first response is to postpone the project or do away with it altogether.

Even when you go knocking on people’s doors roof selling, expected slamming of doors in your face or dogs barking at you; others are just outright rude. For a person with little resilience and patience, it is easy to get discouraged. Do not worry about the negativity, smile and move to the next client.

How to acquire more roofs leads?

After making your first sale, you need to maintain the momentum and sell even more. Here are several ways of acquiring more roof leads.

Through social media – The internet through social media platforms is an excellent selling tool to let people know about your services. Use social media to connect with customers, manufacturers, and colleagues to advertise your services, information, and promotions. This will help in increasing your credibility in the roofing sales industry.

Through referrals – When you go to sell your services to a new prospect, provide them with referrals and references from previous satisfied clients. We are in an era where people value peer reviews; ask for permission from your former clients when using them as references.

Leave a good impression – Always be polite despite the customer treating you poorly. Do not react negatively as it will damage a relationship with the homeowner in the future. The unpleasant situation can also be publicized in a neighborhood social media group, which reduces your chances of doing business in the area.

Do roofing salespeople earn good money?

Roofing companies start their new roofing salesmen with 25%-40% of the gross profit. This amount is mostly affected by the roofing company’s office overhead charges, which can be 10% or higher for every contract.

Is selling roofs hard?

Success in selling roofs depends on the individual; some people are good salesmen than others. However, you can improve your selling skills as you go along. The most important thing is to have adequate knowledge of roofing techniques and materials. You should apply the roofing sales tips outlined above to your advantage. Always present yourself as a professional whenever you visit a prospective customer. Be aware that it sometimes takes months to make a single sale. Hence you should not despair when you receive a ‘no’ or ‘not now’ from a homeowner.


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