Roof Puns and Roofing Jokes: Marketing Ideas That Work

Roof Puns and Roofing Jokes

Using funny content for marketing is always a plus. It helps you engage your target audience personally because people can relate to what you are trying to say.

If you wonder whether you can use roof puns and roofing jokes for your roofing business advertising, the answer is yes, you can. But before that, you need to understand how marketing using funny content works.

Here is all you need to know about advertising using funny content;

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Can you use memes in advertising?

Memes are a great way to pass your message across. And people use it every other day to advertise their goods and marketing. But before you use the memes of others, be sure to first as for permission and prevent copyright infringement or any other legal issues.

If you want to advertise your services using memes, it is better to pick out non-copyright photos or memes. That way, you can avoid legal issues. And if you have meme-worthy images, then you can use them to create your own.

But why include funny content for your advertising? Memes are a great way to engage your target audience and convert them into loyal clients. Memes usually add a few words to an already loud photo. And the results are perfect.

It is a humorous way of making your service or business known. That is because memes tend to say everything you need to say without boring the receiving end. But you still need to tread carefully while using memes for advertising.

Why? Do you ask? Well, because trends in memes shift every other day. One day a meme is famous, or even a whole month. And then it’s no longer relevant. But there is more to it.

While memes for marketing is a perfect idea, it can also go wrong quickly. Numerous companies are trying to incorporate funny content into their marketing but, instead, end up trending on all social platforms for all the wrong reasons.

That is why it is essential to get a 101 marketing memes lesson.

How do you market a meme?

Any advertising or marketing has the goal of engaging its target audience. And memes are as engaging as anyone would expect. And that is not all. Memes have many more advantages that make them perfect for marketing.

Firstly, they are a cheap way to market your services. Secondly, people can widely share a funny meme. Every second, someone somewhere in the globe is thinking of sharing a meme they just came across on the internet.

And lastly, memes are memorable. Possibly, because they are primarily related to current events, and they also take advantage of emerging trends. People can easily recall them. And making a meme relevant to your service or company can also make people associate the two easily.

Even before your audience forgets the last one you posted; you can post another even hotter that blows their minds. But now that you know all the advantages of using memes in your advertising, how do you go ahead and market them?

The first thing to remember is that the meme you create has to match your company’s voice. Its relevancy to your service, brand, and even product is what will make it useful.

If you are struggling to know what your company’s voice is, then think of it as your company’s attitude. The meme should portray how you want your clients to feel when they use your products. Or at the very least, what you think about the service.

Your personal experience can make your audience relate. And even help you connect with others. The most significant bit to remember about marketing memes is they should not feel unfamiliar with your services or company.

If you use memes from other people, then the least you owe your target audience is a bit of relevancy. It will not be useful if you are only going for the kill because it cracks your ribs.

Taking part in meme contests on social media can also be an incredible way to market your company. These contests are widely shareable and can create the traffic you so desire. But be sure to make still yours stand out even more.

If it is hard for you to relate other’s meme with your advertising goal, it is better to learn how to come up with your funny roofing memes.

How to create funny content

Not everyone has a clue about making funny content, leave alone roofing jokes. But it’s not entirely complicated. And it would be best if you kept a couple of things in mind. Here is how to create funny content;

Firstly, you need to come up with a good source of the material. You may look for an image of your service or product that can make a meme out of or ‘meme-able’ as some may call it. Or if you have a cool video of the same, you can use it.

The second step is finding out the format you feel comfortable using. For instance, if the funny content source is a video, then do you want to make a GIF out of it? Or are you only planning to use the video itself?

But there is another type of meme; topical memes. You can create these memes out of relevant and trendy topics. These memes are friendly and easily shareable.

Funny content ideas that work

Now that you know how to create comic content, then it is time to get to work. But another challenge posed. That is coming up with unique funny content ideas. The ideas for your roof puns and roof jokes also have to match both the format and the source of the material you chose.

One best idea that you could utilize is doing a before and after of your service or product. There maybe one or two images of your company that positively contradict the latter one. These contents are quite hilarious and still informative.

You can also animate one of your experiences or even a story relevant to your company. Who doesn’t love a good animation? You can pay a freelance comedy or comic writer for the script to come up with the lines for the script. But all the same, you only need a super short video to get the message across. Too long, and it gets boring.

If you are bold enough, then a publicity stunt is as funny as they come. Come up with creative ways you can catch people off guard and then get someone to film it. Publicity stunts certainly never get old.

Or you can hide a camera somewhere and get the reactions of people you prank. But before you use their photos, you can ask for their permission. And let the people know what you intend to use the content before using it.

Another way to create funny content is by using photos or ideas from some of the most loved films or videos. It has to be something that people can relate to and find a way to connect it to your business.

Possibly, you have come across different memes with the idea of the American ‘Simpsons show.’ That is a good example you can use for inspiration.

But a personal favorite funny content idea is impersonation. You can also use it. Feel free to go over the top with the person you choose to impersonate. It can be anyone. But copying someone in the limelight never gets old, and you can surely make good of it. You can also tag the person on social media for better results.

Sample roof puns and roofing jokes

To give you started on creating killer comic content, here are some of the best ones used before;


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