How to Generate 30 Reviews in 30 Days for Roofing Contractors

Fast Review Generation for Roofing Contractors

Today, we’re gonna talk about reviews. Actually, find out all. We’re probably going to have to make this into two different videos. For now, I want to cover everything you probably need know. Let’s get into it.

So right here, as you see, I have pulled up some of the initial things people pull up whenever they’re doing a generic presentation, like 97% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. We get the point. Almost everybody is going to read some of your reviews especially if the job they’re trying to get is somewhat expensive. So a roof replacement is definitely up there. Right? Even for repairs. They’re going to read your reviews. They’re going to check you out before they make a decision. And homeowners nowadays will care about reviews. Generating reviews is a part of Search Engine optimization for Roofing contractor campaign.

The only thing they’ll care about more than an online review is actually their neighbor telling that that yes, “this is the roofer for that I want”. So point taken, it is really important but still even knowing these kind of stats people don’t do something about it. They don’t make an effort to get reviews. So today, I put a little outline. Let’s get into it. Which is – going to talk about reviews. And you can see the first thing I said here in the outline, it’s almost like a step is get serious about your reviews. That’s the first thing.

Generating Reviews

If you have to do anything to generate reviews, the first thing is gonna get serious. It is not that technique you saw, it is not buying a new CRM that is going to automatically get people to email them and all that stuff. It’s just get serious. And the best way to do that is have some kind of extension to your job experience, your work experience. Meaning, as soon as the job is done. This is what we do and what we recommend. As soon as the job is completed, you can ask something similar to this, “Hey ma’am! What would you rate us today out of five?” Or like first make sure that everything is happening. “Ma’am, did everything go exactly how you wanted it to?

It is like setting them up and they know it. They’ll say, “Yes.” All right. Well, I’m glad you think so. Something blah, blah, blah. Something courteous, something courteous statement. Our business runs on your words. Something like that. What would you rate us today out of a 5? 5 being the best. One being the worst. If you are face to face, most likely they’ll give you a 5. Once they say that, “Alright ma’am. Well, here is something I want to send you.” This is what we are going to talk about, the technique next. Now, hear me out of this because I’ve talked about so many techniques and then I have clients who kill it, who get 8 to 10 reviews every month and then our clients we get nothing. There’s no change.

Putting the Effort for Getting Reviews

Getting reviews on your Google Maps listing is the first platform to prioritize. The biggest difference is that it’s not a technique that I pass to them. It is that they just didn’t take it seriously. So again that’s why it’s the first step. First, understand that yes, it’s just the time we live in. You might feel unfair. A lot of people they don’t even want to partake in it because it’s unfair. They’re saying that that guy is a better roofer than me. He just have all these reviews because he asked his friends and family. The homeowners don’t care. They can tell the difference even if it’s just the start out and they need your service, you are going to check them out. If its detailed, it’s great. Even if it’s not detailed, it’s just some short reviews that it looks like maybe your friends and family have put it, even that is better, a lot better than having no reviews.

Alright. So if you are on that boat, like you feel it’s unfair that some other roofer who is there, than you actually in the past is getting more reviews than you, you just have to suck it up and be like all right. He’s playing the game. He’s not a better roofer and he’s playing his game with this online thing. I’m going to beat him on this. So that’s the thing.

First to get serious and make it a ritual. Okay, from now on, whatever, whoever goes out, even if it is your crew member, customer representative, whatever it is, there is a way. You are going to set up something that is going to ask for reviews. Now, that we got that out of the way. Let’s get into review techniques.

Techniques For Getting Reviews

So there’s two main techniques we talk about. I’ve wrote about this in one of my blog posts. It is either the card or the link or you can use both obviously. The card looks like this. Let me see. Alright. Here we go. Card basically looks like this. Okay? So going back to our little scenario there. “Ma’am, what would you rate us out of five blah, blah, blah?” Well, here’s a card. They’ll show you step by step right now what to do. So as soon as I leave, you can just follow it and go leave us a review. It is something physical they can hold that you can print out, have a stack, having it in your car, have it in your truck, have it in your crew members truck. You should always have this handy. Back pocket.  Here you go. Your business name will be there. They’ll be able to go down and basically, they leave a review following these steps. It is a great way. Take a look at how review generation plays a part of the holistic picture at our roofing marketing page.

Review Link

Even after you are gone, they will have something to feel guilty on if they don’t leave it. After sometime, they forget about it. They come back. It’s still on the table. So that’s one thing. The other thing which I like a bit more is the review link. So what I want to do is take the time and actually show you guys how to create this review link for your business right now. It’s a guaranteed five star link. Let’s get into it.

If you go to, let’s say, I do roofing Bronx. I’ll just pick a company. C&R Construction, that’s it. I click on them. Now, I want to leave them a review. Okay. Write a review. You see how it comes? I first put the stars and then I put a description. So choosing the stars is not an option anymore. That’s what we’re gonna get to it. How you get this is, you go Google review generator. The third link support. Open this as a new tab. Take this code. Open the top, open that code, hope you’re following me. We took the code from here and we put it in a new tab. It’s open right there.

Now, I am going to type in, C&R Construction. There we go. Renovation. This is the place ID. Copy it and put it in there. Enter. It brings us to their review page. Once we are here, we wanna take the whole thing. You can see it says 3. Put a comma and change the U. R. L. code to a 5. I’ll guarantee five stars. Take that new code and you can shortlink it. Google URL shortener. Put in here, shortened. We have it. This is the end link we have. You can see. If I was to put this in a new, imagine this, the homeowner, you say, “Ma’am, I just sent you a link on your phone. As soon as you open it, just type up your experience. Just write us what your experience was.”

getting reviews from google

They click open. It’s going to open with guarantee 5 stars compared to here where they choose for five stars. It will come up guaranteed there and they will just type up there what their experience was. A lot of times I recommend, just stand there. Say, “Hey! Did you get it or make sure or that’s fine.” Just like be there on their face. Make sure they leave it because all they have to do is just type up the experience real quick and then boom. You just guaranteed your review. This is an easy way to get 10, 15, almost every job you walk into unless a big disaster happens, which for most people doesn’t.

You should be getting a link from that house. Almost every single house we step into turn into a good statement for us online. All right. So hopefully, you got something out of that and if you’re having trouble getting this review, go down. Shoot me an email. Tell me your business name. I’ll send you back the review link and with a card already made so you can print another card and you can have the link. You can have both. We do that for you guys at no additional cost whatsoever.

Just like roofing keyword traffic, review generation is also a numbers game. In some ways I feel it is more important than your roofing website design.

The next part is emailing for links. Now this is the part I was thinking about to make a new video on because it is a bit more complicated obviously. But basically, this is what you want to do. Any time, like this is good for past customers. Let us say you have a good book of business. Now you are getting into getting all the reviews that you should have gotten before. And what would we do is you have a book of business and we email them. So, try saying that –  hey what would you rate us. It they click 5, it takes them to leave a review. Click 4, takes them to leave a review. Clicks 3, it takes them to your email so they can write to you what they were upset about so you can have a chance to fix it. It’s a great way.

Now, the thing with this is that you need to get their emails. This adds one more step in this ritual of things so I always recommend first, mastering this. First make sure that you have a system that can get new reviews whenever you go to new houses. Once you have that, then you can get into this. You don’t have to do all at once. But once it is short, it is not difficult. All you have to do whenever the homeowner is done at the end of this is like, “Ma’am we send our receipts to email.” So you can kind of put that right here or you can fill this up right here. It is a very easy way, a nonchalant way to ask for their email.

Because you’re going to send them receipt. If you ask them for it normally, they get a bit defensive. Why do you need my email? But if you ask them, hey, that is how the company sends the receipt. They will be glad. They will not think twice. What will happen is you’ll grow a book of business. Like we said, book of business, email marketing emails are the same thing in the online version. Whether you are doing it or not, it’s a very good habit to just get an excel list. And if you use a receptionist or whatever to get them in the habit to write the person’s name, address and their email or time what’s going to happen one day when you want to reach out to everybody who trusts you, likes you, already bought from you, and you want to ask them something, it becomes this easy and it’s free. That being said, check out the Youtube Video for this article to better follow along.

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