On-Page Optimization For Roofing Contractors (Step-By-Step 2018)

On Page Optimization with Shibga Media

Hey! Guys, how are you doing? It’s Shib here. Today in this beautiful Sunday morning, we’re going to go through some solid on-page optimization techniques for roofing contractors. I have it all listed out here step by step, so we’re going to be going through it [on page optimization] to do proper SEO for roofers. Now, before I get in just a little disclaimer, the example website that we are going to be referring to is not my client it’s just somebody we’re going to be looking forward to. Somebody, I did some work for in the beginning stages to get some reviews and exchange some information. So, it’s a great website for us to look at but everything that I’m about to show you here is not fully complete on here but nevertheless, it’s about 85, 90% complete. So, it’ll be some good way for you to see exactly how it looks like when these steps are actually done on a real website to generate exclusive roofing leads. After these steps you;ll be on  your way to doing effective work for your Roofing Contractor Marketing. Okay! So, having that said, let’s get into. The first thing, the title tag so let’s look at the title tag. The title tag is going to be on WordPress right here, for us it’s Fairfield Roofing Contractor – Valley Roofing and Siding Inc. Fairfield CT.

Now, few things are here right, there are different things you can do with the title tag and you can also add a few more characters here. We’re not taking full advantage of the space here but one of the main things you want to do, the main pointers in the title tag is you want to get the major. The trophy keyword first thing first com, for example, for them, they are a roofing contractor in Fairfield. So, there are a few ways you can go to it Roofing Fairfield CT, Roofing Contractors Fairfield CT, Roofers in Fairfield CT this one I believe has the more search volume. If I search this in Google right now… if I search this in right now this one, I think has like 90 or a 100 search volume in of itself so that’s the one we usually want to go for so what I can do is just for now I can change that and that’ll be fine. Fairfield Roofing Contractor roofing Fairfield Connecticut I’ll spell it out the reason because I don’t want to say put the same state variation in the title two times in the title two times, okay.

Alright guys, I think I got it enough so they’ll at least give me the corrected version alright so you get my point right, roofing Connecticut. Roofing Fairfield Connecticut- Valley roofing and siding Fairfield CT now you might be thinking why am I putting Fairfield again here because usually it’s not a good thing to do, to stuff keywords like that but the listing name is valued for siding Fairfield CT. So, if you go and check this listing out that is their listing name right so in that case it’s kind of fine it’s still not the best it still should be, we could go get away with just value if again in Fairfield Valley Roofing and siding Inc. but we’ll put the Fairfield city in there, it’s fine.

There we go with our title tag, the next thing we’re going to be going for is; the Meta tag. So, that’s all the way in the bottom of the page so I use Yoast. Yoast is like my go-to plugin for these kinds of activities for on-page optimization so I recommend it all the time. It’s one of the basic go-to once but if you look at it my meta description is basically if you are looking for a good roofing contractor who is locally well-known and reputable, call value roofing and siding today and I put the phone number that’s pretty much it. I get the keyword in there which is the main category keyword roofing contractor and then I try to get one or two roofing keywords that homeowners sometimes type in before they… when they’re looking for roofers. There could be reputable Roofing Contractor near me, might be trusted, might be a cheap sometimes they do that local.


So local is in there, reputable is in there, phone numbers in there so on the search page when people are looking for it they can possibly see the phone number right in there and actually, to be honest sometimes it’s good to have this phone number right on. You can put the phone number right here sometimes 203 but I think I’m going to run out of space so never mind. If your name is not so big sometimes you can put the phone number right here and people will be having a chance to call you before they even click on the website; it’s a good technique but anyways that’s all I do for the Meta Description.  You can add a bit more if you want but as long as you get a few keywords in there with the main keyword and you’re good to go.

Title H1 tag all the way at the top I’m going to be doing H1 tags right here again I’m getting the main category keyword in there, Roofing Contractor main service keyword and then in Fairfield Connecticut. Usually, I like to switch it around a bit from what we did for the title because otherwise, it looks too repetitive, okay, main reasons why they love valuable things. You don’t want to just do roofing Contractor Fairfield here you want to add some stuff why we’re the best, why we’re well-known, why homeowners choose us etcetera. And this is the H1 so you would highlight it and from here I clicked heading one. Normally it’s a paragraph like this and now it’s this okay, Roofing Contractor in Fairfield Connecticut main reasons why they love Valley Roofing.

Now, in terms of the content you might have to just take a read to see what we did here but basically, the main gist of it is that you want to have some solid quality content with some bullet points that tell people the main pointers of why they should choose the company. And then we want to have some content that is to do with, it can link out to nearby areas where we are located and a few other pointers other than that the content is not too crazy. It just has to be compelling you want to write it as if you are enticing the homeowner don’t always try to just write content that you’re stressing over the search engines, how much keywords to put, how many times roofing word should be in there. All that stuff after you write a good piece of content that you feel like when you read it, homeowners if they were to read it they feel confident in your services.


They feel kind of compelled to give you a call right then and there that’s a good content and now after you’re done with that kind of piece of content you can go in and sprinkle four or five times the amount of times you want to have your main keyword in there. Now, if you want to get supreme accuracy there are few more advanced ways to actually get the number of times you want to put the keyword in there but it’s beyond the scope of this video, okay, so let’s move on. Two, Main key word is in the first sentence of the content we discovered that. Yes! you can have roof or roof repair roof replacement some of those variations in the first paragraph or so doesn’t have to be that first sentence actually.


H2, now people get this wrong all the time. They think that the H2 can be used for multiple times throughout the content but in reality, the H2 should be really be used once. This should be once this is an H3 I believe and if you don’t know what I’m talking about right here heading three once. The way this is intended to be used for is basically the page starts which is H1 what the whole content is going to be about H2 is a breakdown. About a half way through of getting a body in and then you could have another like a subcategory so, right now as roofing content and Fairfield, the first H2 could be why higher value roofing and siding? The First one is where roofer in this area is why I hire us, we’re giving the pointers the next we should be in that line, let’s say using roofs made of metal increases your home in Fairfield value. It’s not really following the thing but it’s fine at least it’s following the structure but how it was intended to make it is that whatever the H2 was the h3 should have been a follow-through of the Hh2. Meaning that the H2 is for us, why higher valley roofing? It could have been, check out our testimonials from recent clients that could have been H3 in the few testimonials here if that makes sense. That’s the way it was intended you don’t have to always do it like that but you want to just follow the structure. We talked about that image alt text.

This is again something that’s overlooked a lot of times, we have an image here and you can see if you right here. What people do is they type in roofing contractors roofers and thingy, roofers and all the time they stuff this area. What this was intended to do is for people who are not able to see and they have the help from their device or something that reads them what’s happening on the page. That robot that reads what’s going on in the page for people who are blind one day when the robot reads here it tells them that this is a picture of something so for the alt text you want to keep it in that line. You don’t want to just be roofing in Fairfield you want to make a picture of something so you can see that we did that before but we can be a little bit slightly more aggressive such as a picture of roof repair, Bing done in Fairfield there okay. Picture of roof repair being done in Fairfield alright you see update all I did from now alt text, okay.

If you have to do a title for the image not the alt text alt text is the main SEO part, for the title you can just name it like a brand new value roofing and siding. You don’t have to go too crazy in both places; embed a YouTube video so guys, this is one of the things that I realize contractors could be easily differentiating them from other large businesses. It is also good for your Roofing Web Design. If you are roofing middles small even when there are large, large businesses in your city this is an easy way to differentiate yourself by having videos, YouTube videos large companies are not as easily able to do that. They have to have compliance of rules regulations all the stuff that it will go through, HR has to talk before they let the video man do certain things all this stuff.

For small business, medium size business you’re able to just take a camera out with your iPhone and shoot a nice video, “hey! Today I made a homeowner and this is what the problem was this one fixes this is what the end result looks like.” Not only is it a really amazing type of branding for your business but also you can embed it on your website. Google owns YouTube, and Google loves itself if you have YouTube video embedded on the page that is that’s associated with your Maps listing it’s going to help the whole thing rank better. So, as you can see our name for the video is Roofing Contractors Fairfield Connecticut and we embedded this and this that’s going on this contractor’s channel. Link to Google Maps, this is not just for Google Maps but you want to link out to your main properties especially starting with Google’s property so Google Plus, Google Maps, Google reviews, you can get all these links.

For us, we just did our location is, name address phone number once again and we put the phone number right here. And as you can see there’s a little discrepancy here going on let me just pause this video because the phone number is actually not the same as the one that’s on the listing alright guys so that’s changed. The next part this is very controversial because there’s not much extensive testing done to see how much effect it says but we do know that Google likes when there is relevancy done for the niche and the location. So, in the page what you can do in the end of your page that you’re trying to, that’s associated with your Maps listing etcetera you can have a section that is either recent news just to

snippet. For example, for this one we did recent news, hurricane Irma in Fairfield CT 2017 update or you can have information about Fairfield. It doesn’t have to be about contractors or roofers just plain all information a little bit snippet about Fairfield, its jurisdiction, its mayors, its main highways things like that because you’re bringing relevancy that we are not just a roofer but we’re also a roofer in Fairfield, if that makes sense.

Bullet points on company qualifiers voted best in Fairfield; I touched on this briefly but that’s basically right here. We know for roofers are one of the main ones is free estimates actually it’s way to common that homeowners just expect that but you can write it a more enticing way affordable roofing contract are locals, affordable. This is something that homeowners sometimes search for roofers by, local definitely something that people look for, trusted, top-rated it’s another way to these two another way to say review reputable. This is not thing maybe they can look at, we have a lot of jobs done in there, area of voted so long story short you want to just point these out the main things that you believe why you stand out from other Roofing Contractors around your area and make this H3. To go a little bit further you could actually what you could do is link out to certain some of the H2s into the pages so I’m going to pause it and do that. So, I just linked out to two places right here, roof repair to the roofing service page and then best contractor to the about page, the best contractor it’s about us.

A lot of times for interlinking it’s best to do it as if you are just basically guiding the end-user to different parts of your business. If you think of it like that you’ll do just fine right where it just makes sense for a good quality content and linked out to as many places in your own website as you can with proper direct anger texts. You don’t have to be thinking even much more complex than that because we’re not looking to get supreme accuracy of perfect and protects rages and all that stuff. We’re looking for a good solid foundation for a local business and that is a lot of times for local businesses is good enough.

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Google plus badge, the next thing, so Google plus badge I believe it was taken out of the way you stood before now you actually have to go into the settings so I’m going to put a link in the description below of how to do that but for now. This is beyond the scope of this video it’s going to make it a lot longer it’s very easy it’s just like three or four steps you go take the embed code and you put in a widget. The next part is schema embed so this is very powerful, for schema is if you have reviewed it’s going to show up in the search rankings right basically long so sure how you can think of this is. If you have lots of text, lots of links, lots of stuff going on your website especially before I change it right now I had another phone number but I’m probably saved because I had schema.

Schema is right here in the end this code right here it basically tells the bots when they’re coming from the Google box exactly what this page is about. Roofing Contractor brand name all this stuff, the description address, phone number, longitude latitude, geographically ways of locating it…These kinds of stuff so the link I’m going to leave for this is Jason LD right here I’ll put this link Jasmesldflynn.com/jasonldschema. All you can do here is put up local business and then you put in what it is we find a roofing contractor let’s see where it is but I’m not going to go through the whole thing guys you have to find yourself. It’s going to be under construction but anyways the same URL maybe some of your URLs for social media, Facebook, Instagram just the main ones, logo, URL description, address all this stuff. All basic stuff for your business and I’ll generate a code take that code go here type in text and then you’ll be able to put it in the end of your business when you go to normal view it won’t show up but it’ll be readable in the backend as a code. Link out to one or two Authority website, this is big.

This is a direct ranking signal. Authority websites in our space is going be usually what I like to link out to is the products we use, Owens Corning, uncertainty17:07. Any other product you use you are able to link out to their out homepage, pretty much, if you are going talk about a particular page. A particular product then you can link out to, when you Google that particular product whatever comes up, their inner page for that exact product but the point is it has to be super authoritative in our industry such as is which Owens Corning, GAF etcetera. Schema done, link to Authority websites at least two I’ll say, two to three more like that wanted two; overall this is again something that I’m not going to be going over too much but overall you want to have some depth on the site right?

If your link, if you’re ranking an inner page make sure there are at least ten pages in the in the business in total right so for this business one two three four five six seven eight and there are blogs there’s I think more 20 or something like that but the point is you want to have at least around 10 unique quality pages. That can be indexed in Google otherwise your site just not have that much weight right I don’t know how else to put it a lot of times people, I would say “oh! we should be good with five etcetera,” but just try to hit ten get a few blogs out there in your link to the page you’re trying to rank it’ll do it make things a lot easier.

The last part guys we’re almost at 20 minutes I’m just going to mention the things you want to do but I’m not going to go through extensively how to do these things because these are getting a bit more into not advanced but it does get a bit more tedious. XML sitemap, you can get that from XML sitemap plug-in, HTML sitemap you have to find out how to do that, geo sitemap these are all things that you can use plugins but better would be to use services that are out there to generate these codes. Some of it like for a few site you can actually put in your FTP manager as well in your hosting file so that along with these things that I just said even without this, this site right now does not have these for things but just from these things I said this is probably going to take you about one to two hours to do and it’s a solid way to get a very strong foundation on page optimization done for your roofing business.

So, I hope that helped, hope you got something out of it in the next video.

It’s going to be part two where I’m going to be going through all the advanced ninja techniques you can do. One, if you’re not able to be able to rank from this alone then that I’m going to be going through step by step probably a bit longer video but it’s going to be exactly how to do the extra step so through that extra push once you are in the top 15 top 20 positions or in the Maps how to get up there in the top three (Top of Google) okay, thanks for watching.

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