Intro To Roofing Contractor Marketing

An Overview of the Roofing Contractor Marketing Series

Hey, whats up guys? So today, finally we’re getting started in this- The SEO for Roofing Contractors breakdown is here! So this is gonna be a series where it’s gonna be turning out to be at least 7 to 9 videos if I had to guess right now. But in this video I just want to introduce myself and introduce why I chose roofers? Why I am going on this journey and what is it that entices me to only pick this narrow niche. By the way, Here’s the full breakdown of roofing contractor marketing. 

Right, so first of all my name is Shibga Chowdhury. Okay, so it’s a hard name but I always recommend people calling me by Shib.  -S-H-I-B as it’ll be a lot better, a lot less butchering of the name as time goes. So now that thats out of the way, let’s get into it!  The main reason why I’m choosing Roofing Contractors is for a couple of reasons actually but the main reasons are that its a damn good product. If you’re in the market and if you specialize in roofing, there’s a reason why you are specializing in roofing. And you might be, because if your, watching this and you found me you must be a well into roofing contractor compared to your other services. A lot of it has to do with the same reasons that you like it.

Why I Like It

1. Homeowners don’t have to be home when you’re doing the work,
2. It’s quick.

In the ball park of of things if somebody was to a whole renovation of their house, like bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling. Yes Great, they would probably be spending 30 or 40 or 50 thousand dollars on their home, but it takes 6 weeks to complete so as a marketer if I had you as a client and you are a bathroom remodeler or a kitchen remodeler, as long as if I got you 6 good leads and you schedule them out and got their contracts signed you have work for the next 6 months. You kind of like would second guess if you need me. Right?

But as a roofing contractor, the margins are a bit lower, not that much lower. Possibly we’d be looking around $10,000 – $14,000 for roof replacement and repairs, you know average I guess is around $1000 but a good repair can also be $2000, $3000 but the point is it take you 3-4 days to complete the job and you’d want to do repairs all along with it so it creates an opportunity for us to market and get all kinds of good lead generation going on whether that be repair jobs or replacement jobs and everything in between. So, that’s the first thing.

Ok, I’m being just fully frank. It comes down to the the financial aspects and the dynamics of being a roofing contractor and how the roofing works that allows it to be such a good product. So, now that that’s out of the way, this guide I’m putting together because I have been on this journey for almost 2 years now.  During this 2 years, I have not come across any well documented single place where they explain everything about A to Z at least something from somebody’s point of view out there who has done the work you know, and is not generic. They actually work with Roofers and etc and it’s not really out there. I couldn’t find any tother guide out there. I guess there’s roofing blogs you can read on and on what people think but it’s not concise and to the point. Check out Roofing Marketing page for more.

A majority of my client base is from roofing contracting. Actually to be honest, the only clients that I have are not roofing contractors is people that came through referrals. Referrals come to me, I’ll take them on right. As long as it makes sense. But when I’m doing outbound sales for my agency, we only work with Roofers. So, I decided that it was my responsibility to create something like this and I did.

Okay, so this is about I think about a 5000 word article basically breaking down what the overview we did for our clients to get them the results they are currently getting now. And as we progress forward I would like to show you guys as well as call volume, what kind of call quality is coming in, how much was invested, how much return on investment was taken out and we working with that a few clients right now, you know letting us know which jobs turn in to how much so we can put a tally mark on our marketing efforts cuz that’s how you really know how much you’re spending right.

All that being said, to conclude this we’re just going to go over inbound marketing versus outbound.

Inbound Marketing

Okay, as you know, inbound is anything that’s basically, you can think of it as branding. anything that you add on as an attachment, as an upgrade to your entire business. For example, a Maps Listing is considered inbound marketing because the listing- the google my business listing if I did roofer near me, these guys are getting this traffic because their brand is optimized for it. When you are working towards getting your Maps Listing up, thats called or considered inbound marketing, it’s your brand you’re growing.

Outbound Marketing

Out bound is something that is whether that it be sales people knocking on doors or that be passing out flyers. It’s something now and then and not only that it usually tends to be more like a 1:1 ratio cost. For example, if you’re doing ads, you turn the ads on, the visibility is there If you turn the ads off, the visibility is gone. It’s basically you pay money and it’s there, and you don’t pay and it’s gone. Compared to this (Maps) , you pay money in the beginning and you don’t get a return on investment right away.

But as it grows you up there, you continuously reap off that benefit and it’s almost like a semi-permanent, meaning that you can just turn it off and expect to be up there guaranteed forever but it means that you’re going to reap the benefits as time passes on because it’s part of your brand.

That’s really how I explain Inbound vs Outbound Marketing without actual definitions. If you want the definition, obviously you can go check out this article that I wrote. Anyways, with that being said this video, I’m gonna conclude it here. For most of these videos, I’m gonna try to keep it round this mark – 6-8 minutes. No more than 10. So it’s little chunk bites that makes it fun to go through depending on how much time you guys have. Alright, see you next time.

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