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Alright, back at it. Shib here with some awesome content today. So, today’s video is very special; it’s gonna be super informative and also very, very, very effective. Especially if you’re in new business, this is sometimes one of the most threatening part of search engine optimization –  link building. When it comes to this part, a lot of business owners get afraid because; everything out there is very complex, nothing’s really step by step. It has to do with math and anchor text ratios etc.

So today, I want to be sharing with you a methodology which is gonna be really taking it down to as easy as possible and still make very good optimizations and start your off your page optimization on the right note.Accurate Link building is a fundamental part of website optimization & roofing marketing. So, let’s get started. First of all, we’re gonna pick a city that we would like to rank it. okay, let’s say it’s Austin Texas, so I’m just gonna be typing in ‘roofing Austin’ and go for the first person who’s ranking there organically. So, as you can see the guy who’s ranking here is ‘’Austin roofing and construction’’ okay? So, we can click on his website and you can see that it’s a pretty basic website but he’s ranking for a very complex term. So, all the more reason to go for it actually because; you will be surprised that you know Google doesn’t really care about the aesthetics of a site, so we should prioritize link building when it comes to actually generating roofing contractor leads.

So, what we’re gonna do is; find out what is it going on behind the hood, you could say for this businesses allowing them to be at the very top. So, real quick I’ll look at a few things that’s gonna be you know basically let us know that they’re doing really well and as you can see, they have over a thousand people coming with their business okay? So, they’re pretty much killing it. Yeah! Enough said, over a thousand you know 1100 people come to the business every single month, the valuation is $23,000. So, if they were to buy this traffic by paying for ads it would cost them over $22,000 every single month. They’re getting that traffic technically for free now. So, definitely some solid search engine optimization and link building is going on. So, it is a good example to go after and as you can see they’re ranking for major terms all across the board.

Alright! So, once we know that and SEMRush is great for finding this kind of data you know their traffic or keywords they’re ranking for etc. But now we’re gonna find out; what is it that they’re doing behind the scenes to be up there and for finding those things out, some other two tools do a little bit better job. SEMRush is still good you know but I’m gonna be going through all the other tools, just so if you have one or the other you’ll be able to still follow along right? See SEMRush still has backlinks but we’re gonna be using ‘majestic’ at least to start with, okay? So, let’s go there.

So I tap, I put in their website into majestic and then the first thing I can see is that they have 137 backlinks coming from one, I mean 42 domains if that makes sense right? So, about each domain is linking to them 3 times. Now I’m gonna check the root domain to see, make sure if they have… Alright! So, this is the real one, 1800. So, guys you want to make sure that which is the real you know URL structure that the business is using, the first one was using just 300 or 184 links, this one has 1800. So, definitely this is the one we’re gonna be modeling after.

So, you can see that – Okay, the activity is very good. Okay, without getting you know like I said; I’m gonna keep it very simple, we already know that they are doing very good. So, we can get right, we can cut right to the chase and go to their backlink profile. Okay, so I’m going to click on that and you can see this is when it will start to break down. These are the websites that are publishing them right?

So again to those of you don’t know you know, easy definition for backlinks is you can think of it just like votes, anytime there’s other people, my friends, family members other people I know around me mentioning my name in a good way it makes me look good right? If they all say, I’m a great marketer and there you know spreading the word they all vouch for me that’s the more I look good as a marketer right? In people’s eyes, just like that Google is the same way. When there are other platforms; magazine sites, newspaper sites, press releases, mentioning a certain business in this example ‘Austin roofing and construction’ about and mentioning and publishing their website, Google picks that up. Google only goes, ‘’Wow! Austin and Austin roofing and construction must know what they do, they’re being spoken about from all these relevant authoritative platforms, I’m gonna start ranking them up’’.

So, what it means for us is; we can literally check out every single one of these places that they’re being published on. You see that’s exactly what we’re doing right now right? All these places are publishing their business at some point in time has linked out to their website which has signals to Google that they are good at what they do and as long as like I said, ‘’they’re relevant’’ so you know the places that are publishing them should be something with construction, home remodeling, roofing, things of the nature. You don’t want links coming from you know like flower shops or like gaming websites; it’s not relevant. But yes, so as long as they’re relative and authoritative, so it’s not like you can just get a brand new website and then just put a link and link to your website because; that’s not authoritative.

These websites are very authoritative, as you can see and in check here they have a lot of search, I mean trust and citation right? Like I said again not going too much in the end, this is good. I’m gonna keep it very simple right? All we have to care about is; go through the top once and see simply which ones is possible for us to get a get a link up. So for example, I’ll walk you through the process. Let’s say we take the first guy okay? And we open him in a new web, new tab. I’ll open a few more while that’s going on so you know, so we can walk through some of it. Alright! So, this website is about home improvement in real estate. So, it’s very relevant and you can see that this is where they’re linking up ‘Roofing Austin Texas’ click on this and this is their website, you can see.

So, they’re getting that publishment. Now from first glance of the way this structure is made, I know that we are not going to be able to get a link on this website okay? This is something that’s for lack of better words, is you can say it’s personal, personally acquired okay? They must have a relationship with this business because; there’s not gonna be any really much ways for you to get a link on here. About me, sitemap, disclose your contact us, you can try contacting them.

Okay, advertise here. If you’re interested in advertise with us guest post, please contact admin. That’s probably your best bet if you’d like to but you can see advertise with us, contact admin and it brings you to the home page. You see like even when it seemed like you’d be able to its bringing to the home page. There’s actually really not our way to advertise with this right? I won’t get too much into it and you shouldn’t either, you should just quickly try to see if there’s any kind of things like that or you can quite easily advertise if there isn’t then you move on because; there’s literally hundreds of links to go for.

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Alright! Next one, let’s see. ‘Transforming the landscape with modern Asian design’ alright, again you can see general information, I can open it up on a new thing. I usually like to scroll all the way to the bottom to see if there’s anything in the footer, not really. Okay, let’s see what’s in the sidebar, sitemap basically. ‘Advertise us’ okay, Advertise us if you’re interested please go and contact us for your offer. So, you could try this. Okay, how it’ll work is; if you try to contact them, let’s see where were you do the home improvement feature, maybe this one is not one either, I would say. But if you could find Roofers ambassadors, Houston – Yeah, you see… Okay, These are all partnership based links right? They’re very powerful, I’m sure you know they’re the topmost thing but if you try to contact them, there if you have any questions policy or your dealings please contact here. This email, you could simply write a message that’s like this, ‘’Hi! my name is blah blah blah from this company. I came across your website themmm.com, I saw that you guys have a section of our advertising with you guys. So,, I just wanted to see what’s your procedure’’.

Simple as that and you can send it off, they will contact you back and let you know. Sometimes it’s a collaboration maybe they want to link on your website, somewhere in the inner page for them to give you a publishment. Usually it’s a small fee right? A lot of times it’s just a one-time fee that do you send to them and they will publish you and hopefully it’s a permanent one meaning it doesn’t run out and they take you off because; if it’s like that usually it’s not the best to get but that’s the way to go about it alright? So, I’ll give you a few more examples. We just found this one. Alright! Let’s see what this is? Not really going on here. Alright, we did this one. OwensCorning,  so you know how to get in a link for that you’d have to be selling their product and be a recommended member from them and it’s very powerful, super relevant, Google loves those links. IEC studio, these are all like similar kind of websites. So, I’m gonna skip over a few just to give a variety because; I’m not gonna go through like you know 5/10  links just maybe one or two more max because; I don’t wanna make this video like too long.

My local, this is a directory roofing contractors, this is another directory, ‘the roofing service bays’ another directory. So, when you see directories that’s specific to roofing, that’s a no-brainer right? it did, you don’t even have to care if they’re very powerful or not. if they are a directory and that’s specific to roofing. Especially, if they have the word roofing in the domain, it’s already a good idea to get your name on there. You just have to find out what is the procedure. See ‘Mylocal.Statesman.com’ right? So, this is for Austin Texas you can see and they have a somewhere here to have a link here right? So, let’s see Roofers admin, back to Statesman. Let’s do back to Statesman, see what their main thing is. Neighborhood, sports, login, subscribe you might have to create an account just to see that.

What I can do is; find a deferred no, submit alright! Subscribe then I see ‘subscribe’, ‘things to do’. So, this seems like it’s a Austin related site in somewhat right? So, it’s very relevant you know, you can be relevant through niche which is Roofing or you can also be relevant through location which is Austin. If you have both that’s golden but the point is you want to be relevant somewhat, you don’t want you know some if something is just about New York and your business is in Austin, you don’t want to really have that link. Alright, so I’m not really seeing a clear way to get a link on here. So, I want to be moving on, this one is the one we just did, I haven’t been login like I said guys, sometimes you just have to — Let’s see businesses, your home directory. Sometimes you just have to make a link there, I mean what am I saying you just have to your make an account.

Let’s see what this, okay this is just like you know never-ending loop. Roofing Contractors. Regionaldirectory.us this is definitely one you can get a link on and this is a great one. So you know just like a directory they made it. it’s a simple platform but it’s good, submit your website you’ll see they charge $35 one-time fee, it’s great, boom! Second link, if the first one worked out with the contact us, this could be easily your second link you just send the PayPal and submit it and they will make it live within 72 hours. I’ve used them before so this is a good one right? You guys get the point, finding out what your top competitors you know the guys who are really killing it, what they did in the in their time line in the last 2,3,4 years, what kind of links are powering up their brand and business and by sifting through them the research is already done, without having to always try to reinvent the wheel.

First of all, just sifting through all the links that they have pointing to their business is a good grasp on exactly what is working because; from these, they’re using these ones to be at the very top right now. So, Google is rewarding that right now so by you going out and getting those same ones, you are also gonna be well on your way to get into a good rhythm right? Once you get most of the links that are in the top guys then you’ll be in a good position and then you can think about bringing your own back end strategies alright? Make sure your anchor text is chosen properly so your link building leads to ranking for the proper roofing keywords.

Okay! Guys, thank you very much for taking time to watch this video.Once you are done with this basic link building, contact us for advanced Roofing SEO strategies. If you have any questions, please go below, you can email, me call me and I’ll be more than happy to help you out with it even if it’s particular to your city okay? Take care, bye!

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