Door To Door Roofing Sales – Does It Still Work?

Roofing Contractors Going Door-To-Door


Hey! Guys, I want to share a piece of information that I got from one of my clients today which could be surprising for several people who’s in the Roofing industry. Door-to-door Roofing sales. Now, it’s 2018 and a lot of big companies, a lot of medium-sized companies even if they do it in the beginning, this is something that they let go of once they grow up. Even myself, first when I came across some statistics on it from my clients experiences on it, you know I myself don’t have first-hand experience selling Roofs door-to-door, but when I saw how much conviction the people I work with have on door knocking, I had to question it a bit.

But now I’m coming full circle understanding that; this is actually one of the most powerful ways you can generate leads and business for your Roofing company and the reason is very simple, okay? Instead of going all across all kinds of stats and you know try to replace with all these things, the point is that as; long as the sale is an emotional sale which is as far as I can foresee for a sale, you’re always gonna have a benefit where you’re standing in front of the person. It’s just as simple as that, compared to all the other things you can do, email, radio or hundreds of ways you can market your business, Facebook Ads, Google many of them work, many of them don’t work really well but this is one of the most straightforward ways right? Meaning that end person you’re trying to reach who’s gonna make the decision and say ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’ is right in front of you and they are right then and there give you gonna give you a ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’ okay? That’s why it works because; it just cuts to the chase.

First you can pick an area that has the most roofing demand. This is why a lot of companies are known to the storm chasers. But make sure to not appear as intimidating and let the homeowner know about your positive reviews in the industry.If you were trying to generate roofing leads through other roofing marketing techniques, then check out our main page

Now having that said, I would like to leave this post and not make it too long, is with this statement; one thing where no matter what Roofing company you have right? From what I’m seeing, a lot of people who come across this, they might think that they were gonna have to change up their business system right? Let’s say Google was working for you, Facebook ads are working for you, maybe a few other stuff with flyers and you’re considering if you are in need for door knocking to be a part of it right? I’m not here to say ‘’Yes’’ or ‘’No’’ because; I personally, like I said before, don’t have much experience in it and I think it’s a question that needs much more in-depth analysis for your personal business before you make a decision.

But one thing that I can confidently say that you should definitely be doing is; door knocking the neighborhood when you’re doing a Roof in that neighborhood. Meaning; when your crew is parked, your car is in the garage, your signs are on the yard, you’re marking up that you know roof and you are measuring things and your crew is up there that’s the best time to have one person who goes around and does a solid page to everyone in the neighborhood because; people like to get what people have right? A lot of times when you can refer to that, ‘’Hey! Look we’re getting this done, so you just wanted to you know’’ it opens up a way to have a casual conversation right then and there without being too intimidating and you know it’s —  I believe it’s one of the easiest ways, you’re not driving there to do that, you’re already there it just takes a bit of more effort and time for somebody to do a lap around the neighborhood and get those doors knocked.

So, hope that helped. I think Door-to-door knocking is actually one of the most powerful ways you know after looking at everything and I would really highly recommend it. In fact, I’m about to actually recommend it for my clients in the next coming weeks. So, thank you for taking time to read this blog. If you have any questions everything about what I just said or you want to discuss with another roofer or who’s doing it really well, you can comment below and we can get a conversation going. Take care, and see you in the next post!

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