Answering The Phone Properly For Roofing Contractors

Answering Calls To Your Roofing Business

Hey! What’s up guys? Shibga Media here, I wanted to make a quick little video to address one of the most important things that I’m realizing for roofing businesses that a lot of businesses are dropping the ball on okay? This has nothing to do with S.E.O, nothing to do with marketing or even exclusive roofing lead generation. It’s actually to do with how you answer the phone calls.  So, I contact a lot of Roofers right? And what I’m realizing is that; this is a bigger problem than I thought. I thought it is only a thing that you’d find from here and there for certain businesses that are starting out but what I’m seeing is that; even for large businesses that have five, six, seven trucks, this part can be a crucial pain point right and the worst thing about this is that; they don’t even know it.

So, let me explain. What I believe, first of all to a little background in my understanding of why this happens. When a Roofing business is started, it starts usually with one man right? One man or maybe one employee something like that or maybe two partners whatever right? But the main guys who do the Roofs are answering the phones right! It gets a little bigger, people get employees, people hire people on part-time basis whatever it is they still answer the phone. Medium-sized business, a lot of times the business owner still answers the phone, great! The best person to answer the phone is the business owner right? Because no matter what kind of scenario that would come in place, he is equipped for you know answering that call right?

But then once it grows a bit more, you hire your representative right? You hire I mean a receptionist and this is where the ball is dropped because; you think that a receptionist is trained to answer Roofing calls when in reality, a receptionist is not even trained to answer calls properly. Meaning; they probably have never been in a scenario where they were based by performance, it’s just more of an hourly thing; just pick up the phone and say, ‘’Hello!’’ right? So, just imagine okay. What leads to this device right here? All the marketing you’re doing whether it be spending thousands of dollars in S.E.O, flyers, everything else, all the stuff you do right? Somehow someway you are trying to divert that funnel into this thing called the phone right?

A lot of it you know I guess some of us are using like forms on our website, all that stuff but still a majority of the business probably for most businesses over 80% is going to come, is going to start by the phone ringing and if the person who picks that up is not only not professional but does not know how to ask for the sale. They might be professional, they might be sounding wonderful and really nice but if the homeowner says something maybe they don’t know how to answer, if they ask a question that’s about roofing a bit more specific than just ‘’Do you guys do roofing?’’ and they might not know how to answer it. The receptionist might just say, ‘’okay, we’re going to call you back or I’m not sure’’ right off the bat not giving a professional tone to the business right? They don’t know your business, they don’t know you.

They know for right now, they know you as a listing and then they know you from the voice they hear and they’ll remember that voice a lot more because; it’s much more real than the listing itself right? All I’m trying to point out is that; this is where the rubber meets the road right? All your effort is going to come down to this part of who answers the phone? And once you are replacing yourself with your receptionist, if they’re not trained to do this properly, you’re going to lose business. You’re going to lose business you’re going to drop the ball, you’re just going to!

Answering Calls to Your Roofing Business

A lot of times probably even lose business that you didn’t even know got lost right? Homeowners call, maybe they don’t pick up I mean that’s another problem right? If they don’t pick up promptly you know a lot of things goes into place, the basic stuff; pick up promptly, answer professionally, you know like a little bit about the Roofing industry enough to be able to guide them exactly how long it’s going to take? When they’re going to be called back or something like that or set the appointment right there in there.

And lastly, ask for the sale okay! Blows my mind, no receptionist does this. I mean in the whole time I contact business, I think I came across a handful of receptionist who asked me, ‘’okay, would you like me to schedule again or would you like to blah blah blah. Would you like me to put you take your information down so we can call you like shortly? If they don’t see it direction of me asking them, they would ask it.

Last point in this is; calling back. If somebody rings the phone and it’s like one or two rings and then they just stop ringing; receptionist don’t call back, business owners do. Your receptionist needs to be at that level right? If your phone rings and they are not you know and then that they don’t continue ringing or nobody else answers, they need to call back right then there ‘’Hi!’’ introduce your company ‘’my name is…’’ whatever the reception’s name is, ‘’can I help you? We just got a call from you.’’ Boom that’s it, they need to be doing this because; every lead counts okay! So, don’t drop the ball here you have spent a lot of money for this thing to ring. For more Roofing contractor marketing tips, visit our blog page or Youtube Channel to show you just how to improve your roofing website.