BBB (Better Business Bureau) For Roofing Contractors – Is It Worth It?

Should You Be Using BBB For Your Business?

Hey! What’s up guys? I was talking to a roofing contractor yesterday, he’s pretty new. He’s just started his business just like a couple of months  ago and he was looking to generate exclusive roofing leads and we were having a good conversation and the question came up of; should you get it, should you get BBB (Better Business Bureau) right? He has heard that it is beneficial, it’s authoritative and it’s good to get but he’s not too sure if it is needed in the beginning right?

Now, I talk to roofing contractors all day long right! And I talked to roofers who were much further in the journey, obviously who have a full-fledged complete businesses, people who were in the mid ground you know have a couple businesses to employees and  some people were like in the in the beginning stage right! Very few but I talked to people who some… So, I get different perspectives and if I had to put It, it would go something like this, ‘’in the beginning every dollar you spend should be spent on getting the next job’’ right? Because; that’s how it is, you have to be working very diligently because your marketing budget is very tight and a lot of times if you make a bad investment, it could be detrimental to your entire journey right? One mess-up, one little thing could be completely tumbling you down to square one again.

So, I would say, ‘’No!’’ in the very beginning, Better Business Bureau is not 100% required okay? But moving forward once you have even a middle-sized business, it’s definitely something to consider right? If you have a full-fledged business just get it. Because; when you have a full-fledged business and you’re getting about anywhere from at least like 50, let’s say 50 leads a month right? From all your advertising that’s you’re bringing that kind of average you know easy to do once you’re on you know you have you’re spending a decent amount.

If it was to even bring you one job for the whole year, it would still be worth it. Now, if you go lead by lead then it’s not going to be worth it. Obviously, you’d be like, ‘’Oye, I will be spending like 150 bucks, a qualified lead but BBB you know if it brings in one job in the year, it’s not worth it. If you go like that then obviously not, but in the general sense how roofing advertising works, marketing works, the branding works if it was to make even a couple homeowners feel trusted for your you know on behalf of your business when they’re looking to potentially hire you, you know call your business. If only a couple homeowners were to feel comfort, it would be definitely worth it right?

So, that’s my take on it right? Now one thing to mention about Better Business Bureau which a lot of people don’t know is that; they actually have things that move around in there, meaning that I see that people they’re always like, “yeah! I got Better Business Bureau and I have it’’ I go check it out you know because; they sign up as clients or they tell me to do an audit. I go check it out and I see that nothing has changed, they have outdated information. You sort of have to stay on top of it just like many other platforms right?

It’s one of those ones that’s easy to overlook because; they are representatives. I believe the way it works is like; if you call them and you’re staying on top of it, like at least put a reminder like every quarter/3 months, easy on the calendar, put a reminder on your phone you know we live in a time where you can put any kind of app you can use. But if you don’t, and you change locations, you change certain things; they’re going to pass that by, they’re not going to go in there and check if your business changed location and then re-crawl that a lot of times.

You would have to call them like, ‘’hey! It’s not changed’’ and the benefit of that is; a lot of times what happens is, if you are able to catch them on it then they would give you some free months or something like that.

The Better Business Bureau, other then their flaws in being equal and fair – is a trusted directory for contractors. You should consider being on it just from the trust and search engine visibility for roofers. It is also a great place for businesses to generate reviews and to showcase on your google visibility.

So definitely, stay on top of it like that but yes the answer would be; I would say even if it brings you, you know a couple more homeowners or makes a couple more homeowners feel more trusted amongst your business in the year, it would be worth it. So, get Better Business Bureau, make sure on your website you actually link it right? Because; there’s so many businesses out there which just gets the logo which don’t link it because they probably don’t have it right? So, if you get it and you’re paying for it, definitely make sure you link it and stay on top of it, so you have it that a plus when homeowners do tend to go to it.

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