We started to provide Social Media Management to my Local county in Westchester, NY. As business owners there’s nobody who will ever care more about the growth of your business than yourself. It is crucial for you to not get mixed up in the thousand things you have to do and instead stay focused in the 1 – 3 major things that will directly to bring cash flow and expand your empire.

Creating 60 social media posts about your industry that keeps your customers engaged can be tedious and downright impossible for some business owners. This is why you are in this page in the first place.

We take care of the social media management for you.

Before I go over our services and packages – we want to let you know the main reason why we are in this business.

  • Native English speakers
  • Have first hand experience in the select industries we serve

You see most agencies that provide social media in United States are outsourcing their work to foreign countries where day get to writers at very low cost per hour. The old there is nothing wrong with this model, there is one place where they take a big hit – Quality. This is because it is difficult for a foreign group of people to produce true content that engages another Group of people in another country.

If you are our roofing company in New York, your customers are homeowners and all around the five boroughs. New York Cologne has its own culture, slang, and daily lifestyle that New Yorkers Live.

When We deliver content that is directed and emotionally connects with your customer base to the core. There’s nothing more powerful then customers thinking about you and the fact that you understand your customers to the point where you show that you understand why they like their coffee in the evening and not the morning.

This kind of connection is only possible with amazing team members that Live similar lifestyles in first world countries.


facebook strategy

Social Strategy

Strategy in social media is a planned timeline of things that have to happen for your customers to know you exist. It is a sequence off posts and style of connecting to sharing images and experiences, which will result in your company being the first thing on their mind when did think about your industry.

twitter content


In today’s day and age, do you most powerful formal Communication is emotional. Whether you are a roofing company are a massage company, there’s a certain way you make your customers feel with the work you do. Therefore the content we provide is geared towards renting a Space in their mind with your company irrelevant fashion that encourages audience engagement.

post engagement


This is the most important part of our entire campaign. When it comes to social media management, engagement is synonyms with results. You can feel as though you are posting about the most relevant content that resonates with your customers, but if they do not like, sharing or commenting – it simply means that they are not engaged. We go the extra mile in this sector to not only provide content that will resonate but also keep a close eye to help people are reacting with your content and services.

Management Builder Package

$249 Monthly

You will get:

2 Facebook Posts Daily and 3 Image posts on top of that per week


4 Daily Tweets on Twitter


2 Daily LinkedIn Updates


One Time Setup Fee of $99


Management Optimizer Package


2 Facebook Posts Daily

3 Facebook Image Posts Weekly

3-4 Tweets on Twitter Daily

3 Image Tweets on Twitter Weekly

Your Instagram Posts to your Twitter and Facebook Pages

One time set up fee: $99




Brand Builder and Management


You will get :

2 Facebook Posts Weekly

3 Facebook Image Posts Weekly

3-4 Tweets on Twitter Daily

3 Image Tweets on Twitter Weekly

2 LinkedIn Updates Daily

Your Instagram Posts to your Twitter and Facebook Pages


One Time Set Up Fee: $99