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Here’s a step-by-step Process Why SEO Hits the Sweet Spot For Roofing Contractors

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What I Can Do For Your Business

Most SEOs show you higher rankings,  traffic and other indicators that looked great but don’t bring more calls your business.

If You’re putting in $1000 and not getting at least $3000 back – you’re missing the bigger picture.

This is why you need someone with a  deep understanding of the roofing industry and the factors that affect how homeowners make a choice among which roofer to go with.

Hi, I’m Shibga and I work with local roofing contractors like yourself to save you from wasting money on outdated marketing techniques and start generating leads by positioning your business party in your city.


Here is how I achieve those results.



Google Adwords

Tired of spending thousands of dollars with your previous agency, only to get nothing out of it? Then you will love our system – Only pay for the Good Clicks. We’re confident in our results to be able to only charge you when it generates actual qualified phone calls for your business.

SEO & Google Maps

With testing this over and over again, and its true.  The more time passes the more prominent Google maps become for roofing contractors. This is because all the information a homeowner needs to make a decision right then and there, it is only a click away from them.  Best part is, you appear there without having to pay for every click.

Retargeting Advertisement

SEO is to attract people who are actively searching for roofing contractors around your area.  These people are likely to converting to sales but what about all the window shoppers who come to your website and go away?  If there was a way to target only the people who have already been to your website when you do it? Of course.  This is as warm as an online lead can get –  that’s what we accomplish with the retargeting ads.

ROI and Call Tracking

We don’t just track rankings and bounce rates, retract the percentage of customers that are actually coming to your website which turn into phone calls.  We tracked the number of phone calls are coming to business and how long is the average duration. With your permission,  we’ve an track if your receptionist is answering the calls and in a way best suited for conversions. We’re all about results



Every week we have a couple of roofing contractors we shout to us showing us that they spent upwards of $5000 dollars per month without any reasonable return on investment.

Stop wasting your money and let’s talk!


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Our Guarantee

Results are critical to your online success. Let me show you how to get them.

Still on the edge to make a decision?  No problem, we understand that as a business owner, just like us, you are contacted by many companies every single day who promise you the world.  If you’d like to work by certain key performance metrics, whether they be traffic increases, rankings or other metrics – this can be arranged accordingly.

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