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10x Your Business with Google Traffic


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Search engine optimization for Roofing Contractors – I often get asked why I chose roofing as my main focus and I answer that in this article there. However, though it is such a good niche, still not a week goes by without me shaking my head at some construction company blowing thousands of dollars on billboards when they don’t even have a proper website.

Let me share a little statistic: 424,000 people died last year due to the driving while day were distracted on their cell phones. Not only are cannot look at your billboards, they are not even looking at the road!

So ask yourself the classic question, whenever you need a good or a service, what do you do? Do you go to Yellow Pages? Yes I’m talking about the ancient yellow physical book and I am assuming my need to clarify that just proves you go to another source. There is a high chance that other source is a Search Engine – and the biggest one is Google.

When you decide to increase your visibility online, bringing solid results is quite hard without proper SEO in place. It’s like: Why are you sticking up a signboard advertising something which 99.99% of the people passing by does not respond. When there’s a place where hundreds of people for every city in United States are searching for exactly your services on a daily basis.

Lets talk practical terms, your main goal with all your marketing efforts is to reviews the cost it takes for you to gain new clients and then scale. That is it. If you can successfully add new customers to your business every week and keep them, and you keep your focus on doing that there’s no doubt you’re going to be on your way to be in the top 1% of the roofing companies in New York, if not United States.

For this to happen, choosing the right as you company is critical for your marketing investment to work out. You must go with the company that has reputation in the recent months, for able to provide results in state if not at least the country. This is because Google is changing every couple of months and techniques that were working even a year ago may have started to lose their power now. This is why it is very important to make sure that you are with the company that are testers of the market and they are constantly optimizing their own strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are three tips on choosing the right company:

  1. Be sure that they are taking a customized approach for your business. From price – techniques and strategies all designed for your specific business, city and state. This is because SEO can’t be identical to all businesses, this is the main reason why we at Shibga Media do not have any pre-made packages set up.

  2. If possible hire a company that is in the country you are in because having access to the people behind your marketing and on time customer service is relieves a lot of stress specially when there is an emergency.

  3. Pay for Excellence, it takes a lot to creative strategy using keywords that are low in competition but will yield high results. Don’t you should not expect to get this kind of service for pennies, you should not have to spend an arm and a leg for either.

Shibga Media an agency based out of Westchester, New York. We in partnership with the world-class SEO expert known as Matt Diggity and we refer to philosophy of doing work and business as something called the straight-line system.

This is taking everything that is up in the air about online marketing and we bring it into tangible set of milestones and numbers that can be tracked and understood on a month-to-month basis. The thing is that without proper SEO, even the biggest business can be invisible to new customers. When you join to work with us, everything starts off with a customized plan that will be designed to show your business and services right where customers are looking for them. There’s a set plan with key milestones that we in doing hit and often outperform. You don’t just get reports on what links have been built – you also get an understanding of what most people feel when they hear about your business. You not only get to see the number of customers calling your business going up but you also get hear how are your receptionists are answering the sale to our complementary call recording software. It’s 2017; if you’re not tracking your business properly with set numbers, you will have a hard time surviving as a listing.